5 last minutes gift ideas for him this valentine that he is actually going to use

I want to stand with you on a mountain.
I want to bathe with you in the sea.
I want to lay like this forever.
Until the sky falls down on me

Standing on a mountain and watching the sunset is oh-so-romantic, but you know what is not?

Forgetting the gift for the love of your life

The sky in such situations literally falls on you!

Fretting on what to do? Don’t let worry over power you. There are hacks that can act as your saviors!

Riding the last-minute frenzy like a pro!

The busy schedule can surely be a major deal-breaker in such situations. How can you possibly time the cupid for some other day?  There is also no way you can turn up without a gift, can you?

We have just the right solution for you. There are so many nice options with quick shipping available that there is no point that your loved one needs to know that you forgot to shop!

With these super perfect ideas, you can procrastinate just for a few more days and even then be dot on time with just the right gift for your partner. Here goes the list:

1. Charge your love

Oh, no, no! there is nothing naughty in here… that’s for some other day, when the sky is dark, illuminated with the purity of moonlight and…

Sorry, I got carried away, so back to business.

Does your husband/boyfriend has been saying, “My battery died ” more than he has been saying I love you?

Its time you get him a charging station. The charging dock can easily be placed on just about any flat surface with power. Your love of life can charge his phone, his watch, and stay connected with you without any hindrance.

This wireless charging dock can also charge the battery bank and hence, running out of battery? Is that now even a question?

2. Get comfortable in love

The sparks can turn into full-blown 4th of July show if you know the perfect strings to strum!

This is right, gifting the bare essentials is one thoughtful gift. Your partner is undoubtedly going to hug you tight because he is always in a very comfortable mood (wink, wink)!

So when it comes down to gifting comfort, you can gift your men, men’s cooling underwear. No! No! Don’t stop there. You can give your men the whole set and give yourself a pat on the back when he drools over them.

3. Map your love across borders

Is your love bitten by the travel bug? Traveling is the millennial hobby and surely your loved one may have the inner desire to travel and see the world. Why not do this together. Gift him a world map that could be put up as a decal on the wall.

Well, here is the twist, it’s not just a world map. The countries can be scratched off, revealing beautiful maps of the place that you have visited. Relive the moments with your partner.

We are sure you and your partner will not be able to get rid of the itch until you scratch off every country! So keep your bags packed and passports stamped.

4. Puzzle your loved one with jigsaws

Let the love thaw with a jigsaw!

Jigsaws, maybe clichéd, but they are the best old school way to show your love.

What’s better than a cozy night, curled up on the soft mushy carpet near the fireplace with your loved one putting each puzzle in its place!

Get your loved one a puzzle box of 1000 pieces or more, this way, you can spend the night basking in the glory of completing the picture. Jigsaws are a way to connect and grow together, and alas! That’s what we all crave.

5. Subscribe the love with wondrous subscriptions

Love can be subscribed to!

A sweeping yet perfect statement. This valentine, let your love be fresh and crisp with a unique way to express it. The world of social media has given space to some very charming yet out-of-the-box ideas.

All you have to do is do a bit of research and find the subscription groups that may be beneficial or right for your partner. Get a yearlong subscription and gift. This way, at the start of every month happiness, will come knocking on the door, with an element of surprise every single time!

So what are you waiting for? Start browsing and nail that subscription now.

Taking the plunge

We all always want a gift that speaks volumes of the affection that we hold. We have compiled this list considering a variety of tastes. What we suggest is that instead of following the ideas to the “T,” you can mix them up and come up with a killer combo!

Make sure you have drafted out the following things when buying, even if it last minute:

  • Always know what your partner may desire.
  • Buy the gift as a well thought out process, even if you are doing close to the actual gifting time.
  • Never gift the things that you love, buy the things that he will love!
  • Go for things that let you relive moments spent together, these will also serve to be of your and his mutual interest.

Final word

So, if you have not already bought your lifeline the gift this valentine’s day, you know what to do as we shared some of the best tricks of the trade.

Adding small personal notes in your own handwriting is definitely going to take the love-rature up a notch!

This Valentine’s Day makes sure that you are ready to surprise the man in your life with gifts that allow you to rule the heart and mind.


Until the next valentine, also share any unique yet ideal gifts that you have in your mind, who knows your ideas can be a blessing for others!


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