5 Tricks To Increase The Chance Of Winning A Lotto

Games based on luck and chance have been thrilling adventures since time immemorial. Saturday lotto or Tatts Lotto is a weekly nationwide lotto in Australia. The prospect of winning by chance gives everyone the same probability of winning and is enthralling. However, for people starting, it can be intimidating and confusing. Worry not because this guide contains everything you should know about Lotto. This information includes how it works and how you can get started!

With all the tools you need, you don’t need to miss out on the fun of Lotto every week!

How Does Saturday Lotto Work?

The rules of Lotto are simple to understand. There are different prizes for each divisional win. This aspect of Lotto increases the chances of winning, making it easier for people to succeed.

Division 1 – Has the biggest cash prize and the slimmest odds of winning. It consists of a matching set of all six main numbers.

Division 2 – A set of five main numbers and one supplementary number

Division 3 – A matching set of five main numbers

Division 4 – A group including four main numbers

Division 5 – A matching set of 3 main numbers and one supplementary number drawn

Division 6 – A group of 3 main numbers

The divisions carry decreasing cash prizes with an increment of series.

Participants submit entries throughout the week. Then, on Saturday, the organisers announce the numbers. There are 45 balls in a barrel, each labelled with a number from 1-45. The first six balls are the main winning numbers, while the next two serve as supplementary numbers.

Participants compare these numbers to their entry tickets and inform the organisers of their win. After verification, the winners receive their cash prizes based on the prize pool for the week.

How Much Lies At Stake?

The Tatts Lotto Division 1 prize is over $5 million for each week. Any game that allows every participant a fair chance to acquire this prize is worth playing. Read on to understand how you can increase your chances of winning.

Tips To Winning The Tatts Lotto

While luck controls most of the game, there are a few tricks one can use to increase their chances of winning.

More tickets

The key to increasing your chances is buying more tickets and submitting more entries. While this may prove expensive, it is a small price to pay for the bigger reward. There are better methods to improve a participant’s chances but buying more tickets is the best move for a beginner testing the waters.


A syndicate is a large pool of tickets shared by multiple people. While the monetary burden of acquiring more tickets is shared, so is the prize. Therefore, by using this method, you receive more chances for less money.

Avoid Consecutive Numbers

Studies prove that the probability of drawing consecutive numbers is incredibly low. So, while easy to enter, avoid choosing consecutive numbers, which might give you a minute advantage.

Numbers Past 31

Many entrants choose numbers based on important days like birthdays and anniversaries. This statistic means that most tickets have numbers until 31, and very few exceed it. While entering numbers greater than 31 do not increase your chances of winning, it decreases the chances of sharing the prize with others.

The Magic of Luck

Always keep in mind that each number has an equal chance of being chosen as the winning number. No algorithm can predict which numbers work best Math probabilities are as far as one can go). However, choosing a less common number can ensure that you won’t have to share the prize upon winning.


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