All of a sudden when you move to a different city for studying or job opportunities etc. the big change can make you feel anxious. Staying all by yourself in a new place can also be challenging, just until you find a roommate who comes to your rescue. Sharing your living space is a great way to make new friends. You can also shred away the burden of paying high rent each month.

Roommates make a promise of space and cost-effective living. There are several advantages to having a roommate. However, everyone can not make equal adjustments. A roommate either becomes your new family away from home or makes you regret moving out of your parents.

There are pros and cons to having a roommate. No matter whether you are sharing a space with your bestie or with a stranger, there are certain types of roommate that everyone come across.

Some types of roommate that you are bound to experience

When you can not afford to live alone, sharing your space with roommates is the first thing that comes in your mind. One of the many things to decide when moving out of your parents is with whom you will share the shared space. You can choose to live with a random roomie or with someone you know beforehand. However, there are certain disadvantages of shared space as you may have to make certain adjustments with your roommate. A roommate can become your best friend at times or make your life difficult. You are bound to come across certain types of roommates until you find the ideal one.

The clean-freak or the slob roommate

Even if you clean your room properly, an abandoned sock on your floor or a water bottle that is not placed in for recycling is enough to drive your clean-freak roommate crazy. In many US TV series, we have come across characters where it can be extremely challenging to make adjustments with this kind of roommate. If you are a person who does not clean his place then you should avoid getting such a roommate.

On the contrary, a slob roommate is a person, who does not do anything except laying on the sofa and watching tv shows. It is entirely a polar opposite of a clean freak roommate. This roommate may never clean up. There are chances that he will always end up ignoring the chores list, where daily errands for each roommate is assigned.

The noisemaker and the third wheel keeper

If your roommates morning alarm is so loud that it can even wake the dead then, it is the perfect example of a noisemaker. Your roommate keeps signing loudly in the shower or watches tv on the top volume then, it’s time to purchase a better pair of earplugs or changing your roommate.

There is another kind of roommate whose partner is always in your place. Even if your roommate is in his/her class, the third wheel still stays in. Your roommate and his partner either spend their time romanticising or fighting with each other, which completely disturbs your peace of mind.

The hermit or the party animal roommate

You will always find your roommate in his room whenever you look for him. Sometimes you may feel like he does not even leave the shared house to attend a class. This can also be challenging if he does not go out to buy his own supplies and makes you do it for him.

Unlike a hermit, a party animal has a lot of friends and his friends always keep crashing over to your place. Suppose exams are just around the corner and all you want is to study in peace but your party freak roommate refuses to do that. He may plan a lot of parties, invite his friends over your place and make silence a scared thing that you hardly would see again.

The borrower and the food thief

You are sure that your roommate does not own anything that he uses. He just borrows everything he needs. In that case, your small talk with the borrower roommate will start from him asking for your straightener, textbook or laptop and end with your usual reluctance of saying yes. There is a possibility that this person would borrow money and forget about it as well.

Likewise, a food thief munches on your left off food and never buys his own food. If you find less milk in the fridge than before and your stock of ramen noodles are disappearing then, it’s time to confront your food thief roommate.

The passive-aggressive communicator or the perfect match

It can be a tedious job to live with a person who does not communicate face to face. The passive-aggressive communicator may leave notes or reminders instead of communicating simply. He always avoids face to face communication but seems to have something to complain about.

The roommate who is your perfect match is hard to find but once you find one, you will surely love him. He is everything that you always wanted in a roommate – funny, respectful and adjusts with you. People rarely find the perfect roommate. Hence, if you find that perfect roommate then, try to stick with him for as long as possible.

Having a roommate can be extremely beneficial but it is difficult to adjust with some. Even if you can not maximize your advantages, do not minimize them by adjusting with an annoying one. Keep on the search until you find your perfect match.