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6 Advantages of Hiring a Sydney Drug Lawyer

6 Advantages of Hiring a Sydney Drug Lawyer

Drug laws are complex in Australia. Beside Federal laws, every region and State also has prohibitory drug laws that make things complex. As per NSW laws, drug use, possession, and possession of drug-use implements are prohibited under the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985 (NSW).

If the police arrest you for any drug-related offence, you must immediately contact Sydney drug lawyers. Here are six advantages of hiring drug lawyers.

1. Fight for Your Rights

As per NSW police force data, there were 8,000 cases of illegal possession of Amphetamines in 2020. People arrested in drug cases feel their fate is sealed, and no one can help them. However, the Sydney drug lawyer mentions several factors that can affect your case outcome. Here are some scenarios that are considered by the jury.

Whether you live in Sydney or Newcastle, the scenarios mentioned above can significantly impact your case. Hence, you should not lose hope and contact a drug lawyer immediately.

2. Avoid Civil Discrimination

Many people believe the law system is high-speed, and you will be present in the court on the same day you are arrested in a drug-related case. As per recent drug cases data, NSW police recorded 2,123 cases of cocaine possession in 2020. Due to the high number of cases, your drug case can take weeks or even months to go to trial in Sydney court.

Many employers ask the employee to leave the job when they find out they have some drug-related charges. As per NSW laws, employers need to follow the Small Business Fair Dismissal Code when terminating the service of their employees. The drug lawyers will ensure you do not suffer from civil discrimination due to drug possession charges framed against you.

3. Manage Paperwork

The legal system relies on paperwork when dealing with any case. When you are arrested for illegal possession of illicit drugs, managing paperwork might be the last thing on your mind. Sydney drug lawyers will manage all paperwork and ensure no paperwork or filing is missing for a fair trial.

4. Prepare for the Worst

As per 2019 drug case data, around 2,590 cases were registered for possession of ecstasy, which is considered an illicit drug as per NSW laws. A good drug lawyer not only defends drug charges but also prepares you for the worst. Sometimes jail term is unavoidable when police find you in possession of illicit drugs. The lawyer can guide your family on managing assets while you serve a sentence.

5. Understand Potential Plea Deals

NSW laws mention that the guilty pleas must be considered when deciding a sentence for any crime. The law states that the sooner you plead guilty, the more benefits you will receive. The drug lawyer will study the case and explain the potential plea deals to reduce sentences.

6. Find Good Treatment Programmes

NSW has Drug and Alcohol treatment programmes to help people get over addiction. A drug lawyer can ensure you are enrolled in good treatment programmes to overcome drug addiction during the criminal charges.

To sum up, these are the top six advantages of hiring a Sydney drug lawyer.  There is no doubt having someone who knows the drug-related laws can be of great help to tide over difficult times.

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