6 Advantages that Flat Extension Cord Has Over Rounded Ones

Flat Extension Power Cords

Round cables have been a standard in the industry for decades, which is why it may be hard to accept a different solution. However, what if we tell you that we have an alternative that comes with many advantages?

In this article, we are focusing on flat power cords and the benefits they have over rounded cables. We compared the two products, and this is why flat cords are a better choice.

Easy to Handle

75ft Nema 5-15P to Nema 5-15R Flat Lighted Extension Cord 12/3 SPT-3 NA 25A 125V

The first advantage we will mention is related to convenience, which is often users’ priority. If you choose a flat extension cord, you can expect that it will be easy to handle. That implies the cable can adjust to the mounting space and bends and folds as necessary.

It only takes seconds to fasten flat cables, and you can use double-faced or adhesive tape, as well as clamps. That way, you minimize the difficulties that come with setting up rounded cables. Instead of the installation being a hassle, it will be effortless. 

You will also notice the fixed position of the visible conductor within the electric. That will also make coding, circuit tracing, and inspection easier. 


While user convenience is important, performance should remain the top priority when choosing a cable. If you are looking for a cord that you can rely on, and a solution that will deliver reliable and consistent performance, you cannot go wrong with a flat cord.

Even if you choose an extension cord with switch, you will enjoy the benefits that come with its simplicity. Thanks to using parallel conductors, flat cables reduce the number of points where malfunctions and wiring errors may occur. 

The reason why flat cords can offer high reliability lies in the following – conductor registration is 1:1 with the board or terminating connectors. That way, you ensure a virtually automatic optimal contact, which improves the overall reliability of the cord.


9FT Nema 5-15P Right Angle to Nema 5-15R 14/3 SPT-3 NA Flat Extension Power Cord

A round cable offers decent strength, but it can be prone to damage and wear and tear, especially if you have been using it for a while. That is why the manufacturers were looking for a solution that would enable users to rely on stronger and more durable cables. 

It turned out that flat power cords are the right solution. The designers ensured to share the load throughout insulation and conductors, which increased the overall unit’s strength.

An important thing to note is that this increase came with a weight reduction. That means you shouldn’t expect a heavy cord that is hard to move around. Instead, a flat cord reduces standard wire weight, which is why it is lighter than round cables. 

The secret lies in the mechanical strength of the flat cord construction. Thanks to that, it doesn’t require big conductors. The only thing the manufacturers should consider is to meet the requirements of voltage drops, which means that they can tailor copper cross-sections to them or the specifications needed for the current load.

Less Bulky

Aren’t you tired of cables taking a big portion of your room or workspace? You want a cord that can perform well, but you are dreaming about one that is also a space saver. That is where flat power cords come into play. 

The fact that the manufacturers do not have to use additional tapes, fillers, and insulation make it easy to decrease the bulkiness of the cord. The result is a cable that is significantly less bulky than a round one. It makes them suitable for spaces that you don’t use frequently, and they can fit into tight areas, which is incredibly convenient.

The bulkiness may somewhat depend on the type of cable you choose. However, it is vital to pick from a 12-gauge extension cord and other cables to ensure that the product meets your preference.

Another benefit of flat power cords is that they are more flexible than their rounded counterparts. However, be careful to find the thin cross-section and bend it in its plane. That will maximize flexibility, which can be important in applications like doors, drawers, etc.

Improved Current Carrying Capacity and Consistent Characteristics

6FT NEMA 1-15P Polarized to NEMA 1-15TT Flat Extension Cord 16/2 SPT-2 NA 13A 125V

Let’s talk about the performance that flat power cords provide. If you compare the ratio of surface and volume, you will discover that flat cords have a higher ratio than rounded units. They perform particularly well in heat dissipation. That enables an improved current carrying capacity, which increases the versatility of these products. 

It is also important to note that flat cords come with constant electrical characteristics. That speaks in favor of their reliability and allows you to rest assured that they will fit your desired application. The consistent characteristics include capacitance, impedance, attenuation, crosstalk, and time delay, as well as other electrical features. 

Flat cables use conductors of identical electrical and physical length. That is combined with consistent and continuous dielectric. The reason why that is important is that it minimizes signal time delays, which is another important benefit of flat cords.

Finally, we should also mention the importance of high-density interconnections. Thanks to the density the manufacturers achieve in flat cables; you can expect improved performance compared to round cords. The secret lies in optimized layering, which results in an admirable density of the conductors.

A Safer Option for the Entire Household

We’ve all tripped over a round cable at least once in our lives. While these cords are functional, they can also be a trip hazard. You need to show impressive organizational skills to keep all cables away from areas where you can trip over them. 

It is not a good idea to keep cords of any type in areas where people can step on them. Not only these cables are a tripping hazard, but this also shortens their lifespan. However, sometimes you have no other solutions apart from using the floor to get the cord to the other side of the room. In these situations, flat cords are minimal tripping hazards. We already mentioned that they are thin, and their particular construction ensures that they are a safer option for everyone passing through that area. 


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