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6 Extraordinary Benefits of Name Badges

What’s in a name? An interesting fact is that Smith is the most common last name in Australia, according to ThoughtCo. Consider having name badges to perk up your business. While name tags and badges share a person’s name, they provide several other benefits for workers and customers alike. Here are the advantages of using name badges:


There are over 2.3 million active companies in Australia in 2019, according to the Australian government. To help your company stand out from others, one way is to add customised name tags or badges.

It allows you to add whatever text and images you’d like. For example, you could add necessary information about the employees and add images, like your company logo. Customised badges can also include different features related to size, shape, and colour.

Every company is different, so it’s practical to look for this feature. It’s also helpful to keep name badges uniform within a company. However, it should also create an image that’s unique to the company.


This point is one of the main advantages of requiring employees to wear a name badge. It involves the worker’s interactions with coworkers, managers, customers, and so on. Many companies require their workers to wear uniforms or follow a dress code. While this is an effective way to boost professionalism, being able to refer to workers by their name is another way. It shows that all workers are on the same “team.”

For example, a badge can include other information like the worker’s company, department, and position. This issue is critical in specific situations, such as  when customers want to address an employee. In this case, they’ll know exactly who they’re communicating with.


A name badge or tag can help boost your staff’s accountability. It will be more likely for them to take pride in their work since the company has issued them a personalised tag or badge. They’ll feel more like part of the company, which can boost their performance as well.


You can promote your business by using badges that include your company’s name, logo or brand. It is easily one of the easiest ways to provide free advertising. Australia’s advertising market is projected to be worth AUD16.4 billion this year.

The main benefit of free advertising and promotion is it can help boost your company’s revenue without increasing advertising costs. There are various options, although requiring workers to wear a name tag is certainly one of the most practical ones in part because it also provides other benefits.


This is an important issue for protecting your company’s equipment, data, intellectual property, etc. Requiring workers to wear tags or badges can help to prevent certain personnel or outsiders from entering certain areas or accessing company property. A wearable photo ID can help to prevent such situations.


When your business has events like conferences, it’s important for other guests to recognise your company’s employees. In fact, this is a practical way your business can make new contacts, exchange contact numbers/emails, and so on. Name tags can be especially helpful at large events with hundreds or thousands of guests.

There are several reasons to consider name badges for your company, including the above-mentioned ones. Professionalism, teamwork, and security are just some of the reasons to consider customised name tags or badges. As self-help author Dale Carnegie observed, a person’s name is the sweetest sound they’ll ever hear.

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