6 Reasons To Live In Noosa Rentals Permanent Residences

Queensland’s glorious Sunshine Coast is waiting for you to move, especially to Noosa rentals permanent residences. Who says you can enjoy beach weather and fun in the sun only a few days a year when you can have your beach-abode in one of Oz’s prime oceanside locations?

Why Have A Permanent Home In Noosa?

No More City Hustle And Bustle

You work for hours and days on end to provide for you, your spouse, and your family. Because of this, you and your family deserve nothing less than Noosa rentals permanent vacation lodge that feels more like “home” than “visit-once-perennially”.

Noosa house rentals are gaining momentum in inviting home-buyers now-turned-homeowners to reside away from the crazy frenzy of city life. Are you looking to retire peacefully, or are wanting to have a family vacation house by the ocean? This coastal town is what you could be looking for.

A Biosphere Right In Your Backyard

Noosa is a niche to at least 87,000 hectares of inland greenery, and several incredible beaches that flow into the Pacific Ocean. The ever-beloved Noosa National Park dwells here, with wetlands, woodlands, wildlife sanctuaries, and luscious forests and rainforests. It’s among the world’s protected biospheres.

Besides the gorgeous marbling of turquoise, green and blue waters in the east, the town also encompasses notable lakes and rivers. Lake Cootharaba, Lake MacDonald, and Noosa River are among a slew of bodies of water which are only a drive away from the main joints.


Unlike most go-tos tagged as “tourist destinations”, Noosa is a kid-safe, family-friendly place. Families who want to raise their children in an environment without the constant horn-honking of cars stuck in traffic, as well as the non-stop shuffling of people on every grey pavement, choose Noosa.

What’s more, you get to let your children play about, with nature as their playground, instead of having them constantly fixed on gadgets and gizmos.

Watersports Galore

Since Noosa is a coastal haven, you can expect tons of watersports activities to do with your friends and family, every day of every week. After all, the beach will be mere minutes away from your Noosa rentals permanent home.

Though surfers pro and non-pro often drop by both for leisure and for competition (Noosa is the host of one of the world’s largest and most spectacular surfing meets — the Noosa Festival of Surfing), family and kid-oriented watersports are must-dos. Kayaking, windsurfing, sailing, canoeing, fishing, and the like. All of these, you can do even without having to come up with some elaborate vacation-plan.

Other Reason Why Everybody Loves Noosa

A Unique Flair

There isn’t a rule regarding constructing better-than-average Noosa house rentals. Yet every house in each of its neighbourhoods and suburbs seem to have distinct interior and exterior designs. Whether it’s the influence of the equally unique local culture or the fact that it isn’t your ordinary concrete jungle, you are sure to have a rental that’s stylish to a T.

For Love Of Food

Local cuisine is a favourite in Noosa, whether by visitors or by the locals themselves (and we’re hoping you’ll start counting yourself in the latter group soon). Aside from the creative cuisines on menus of Noosa restaurants, home-cooking will become that much more of a delight for families. Fresh ingredients are regularly restocked at the markets day after day.

Once you sign and seal Noosa house rentals with your name, you will find it easy to access markets and shops with new produce. Living “fresh” won’t just refer to inhabiting Mother Earth’s picturesque areas in Noosa. It will mean living healthily, too.

Visit for more details about how and why you and your family should start living in Noosa today.


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