7 Ways to winterize your skin and glow all year long

A cup of hot chocolate is the perfect winter partner to keep you warm and comfortable and get you through the chilly weather. And just like you, your skin also longs for a partner to get through the winter without damage. Winter is also the peak season for skin damage, such as sunburns, dry, cracked, dull skin. You need to pay attention to every detail to make sure your skin is well cared for during this season. This way, you can cherish the glow and look fabulous throughout the time.

Winter skincare is just making sure you keep up with simple steps that moisturize and hydrate your skin. Giving it the essential nourishments will ensure you flaunt a glamourous glowing skin throughout the year.

So, here are seven ways to winterize your skin and prepare it for the cold winds. 

  1. Say goodbye to alcohol: A crisp glass of rum might be the right cup to hold during a long winter night. But it sure cannot help your winter skin. Alcohol-based products are enemies to your skin during cold weather as they tend to dehydrate and dry up your skin further. Instead, look for water-based or in extremely dry skin types, oil-based products. Move from lotions to creams for your body care as lotions are generally alcohol-based and will dry up your skin. Look for creams with hydrating properties. Additionally, include a few drops of essential oil before you use it on your skin to provide extra care and moisturization.
  1. Avoid harsh, oil removal products: Cleansing is a basic skincare routine essential for your skin throughout the year. But winter cleansing is one of the most common places where people go wrong. When the winds change, it is time to rack up some new products too. Your regular cleansers aim at removing dust, dirt, and oil from your skin, to provide proper clean-up during summer. But during winter, preserving the skin oils is essential to keep your skin glowing. Hence, look for mild cleansers that do not foam. Keep this in mind while choosing makeup removal products too.
  1. Add serums without fail: Your winter skincare cart is practically empty without a healthy serum to compliment all your skincare products. Serums deliver the essential nutrients and skin rejuvenating ingredients direct to your skin. This type of product is critical to use, especially during winter months. Look for serums that contain high levels of hyaluronic acid, that helps retain the hydration in your skin. It helps keep your skin looking healthy and youthful. These serums not only retain natural moisture but also contain Vitamins that draw moisture from the environment to deliver to the skin. You could look up for what is rejuvenated serum and its effects on your skin before landing the product in your cart.  
  1. Exfoliate: Exfoliation is a primary step in skincare, which helps eliminate the dull, dry, rough patches on the top layer and bring the fresh skin layer from within. Winter is the time when your skin gets exposed to the harsh wind and tends to dry up soon. Exfoliation helps eliminate the dead skin cells on top and bring out the layers from within. On top of this, it helps deliver the moisturizing agents to the skin within to keep it looking well balanced and cared for. An important point to keep in mind when it comes to winter exfoliation is the after regimen. Your skin is exposed immediately after exfoliation, and hence it is the perfect time to slap on proper moisturizing agents. Add a few drops of essential oils and use a thick moisturizer to cover all parts of your body. Try following the regimen in the night, so you can use ample moisturizing cream on the skin and leave it to settle overnight before you shower.
  1. Use Humidifiers: While you want to cozy up to your heater to beat the chilly winter, remember this will dry up your skin ten times faster than usual. The extreme conditions inside and outside your homes have a huge toll on the skin, and hence the first step to improvising your skin health is the provide it moisture in every way. Use a humidifier inside your homes. It adds moisture to the air and makes sure your skin has enough moisture to draw to its rescue. Always keep your humidifiers clean to ensure there is no microbial build-up. This is important as using dirty humidifiers could cause serious infections.  
  1. Layer with the right fabrics: Winter fabrics are more appropriate for keeping your warm and comfortable. But not all of them go well with your skin. Some of them tend to cause too much static, increasing friction and hence cause problems such as rashes and rough skin. Try layering with these fabrics rather than using an uncomfortable thick choice. Always use a cotton piece as the first layer in contact with your skin, especially if you suffer from sensitive skin. Layer up with a good number of thick fabrics to retain your body heat. You can layer up with any material including wool or acrylic blend pieces as per your choice. But keeping a soft material in touch with your skin will protect the texture. 
  1. A little to your lips and under-eye: Unlike the rest of your body, the skin under your eyes and lips are way more sensitive. Hence your winter care should include a whole new separate page to make sure the skin here receives good treatment. The lack of sunlight during winter causes the skin under the eye to look pale and dull. Hence invest in a good eye serum that will hydrate and brighten your skin in this area. Similarly, invest in a good lip balm for your lips. Exfoliate often and cover it with a thick lip balm to keep your lips well moisturized. Use makeup products that also contains moisturizing elements to ensure they do not dry up your skin.

These simple tips will prepare your skin for the winter season and make sure you are at your best skin look all day every day.


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