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8 DIY Eco-Friendly Ideas to Decorate Your Home

8 DIY Eco-Friendly Ideas to Decorate Your Home

Are you looking to spruce up your abode and add more vibrancy to your space? Are you a nature lover and looking for some design ideas having minimalist aesthetics? We have you covered here as we bring you some timeless and elegant nature-inspired eco-friendly ideas for your home décor.

We cannot deny the fact that living in a concrete jungle has its disadvantages. Each one of us craves to be in nature at least once in a while. The rising pollution levels and the daily stressors of living an urban life make us all desire to be amongst the greenery.

We help you be in sync with nature by suggesting some very inspiring and fascinating DIY eco-friendly ideas that would look elegant and give the much-needed soothing effect to your home décor. Warm neutral colors, potted plants, natural fibers, wood, and the use of plant blossoms can enliven any space. Let’s take a look at some of these DIY ideas.

  1. Greenery Inspired Wall Art

Bring nature into your living space by adding a few simple things from the outdoors. DIY wall art is a fine example of blending nature into your home décor. All you will need are some dried flowers and herbs, some twigs and branches, and a natural cord. A few permutations and combinations of such naturally available resources can make a world of difference to your bedroom, kitchen, or even bathroom. You can frequently innovate with this wall art by using dried flowers and herbs to give it a new look. The use of herbs like lemongrass and lavender, especially for your bedroom, can have an aromatic and soothing effect.

  1. Dry Marijuana Leaf Art

Get creative and express your love for budget buds through DIY leaf art. This Cannabis leaf art would surely add a bohemian feel to your home decor. Stick some dried cannabis leaves on a wooden board, and voila, your masterpiece is ready. The Marijuana wall art is quite versatile and can suit any decor ranging from minimalist to psychedelic. You can play with the frames to match the look of the place. For instance, a glass frame can work well for a more minimalistic look. The best thing is you can make this out of the waste lying in your garage. Also, you can use other weed, cbd + thc oil, Delta 9 edibles and cannabis products for your DIY decor like shatter. .

  1. Use of Deep, Natural Textures and Potted Plants

Add life to your living room by incorporating an indoor garden of low-maintenance plants. Complement the greenery with some woven baskets that blend subtly well with the warm backdrop. A minimalist tribal print rug adds a rustic touch to the overall décor.

  1. Use Non-Toxic Paints

A more sustainable way to bring environment-friendly alterations to your home decor is by opting for non-toxic paints. Such paints are invariably free of Volatile Organic Compounds that are harmful to humans and the environment. Non-toxic paints comprise organic and natural ingredients like plant-based oils and dyes, naturally occurring minerals, and essential oils. Choose colors of your choice and make a wall painting a weekend family fun activity.

  1. Apple Candle Holders

Have a dinner party at home and looking for ways to set up the dinner table? Well, you can always decorate your dinner table with DIY apple candle holders. You can choose between a plethora of shaded apples ranging from green, red, to even yellow. Make round holes at the center by scooping out enough flesh out of the apples to accommodate the tea lights. Choose firm apples for this purpose. Do not throw away the apple roundels as you can utilize them in making sumptuous apple recipes like tarts and pies.

  1. Cotton Blossoms Bouquet

Get the versatile cotton fabric in its very raw form by creating a cotton blossoms bouquet. This white-colored bouquet will look modern yet minimalist and give an eco-friendly look to your living space. You can play around with the vase, depending on the ambiance. For instance, an eclectic atmosphere calls for a colorful vase, while a ceramic vase would be suitable for a farmhouse setting. Moreover, these cotton bouquets are easy to maintain as, unlike flowers, they won’t wilt.

  1. Planters and Vines

Use vines and planters to add elegance to your home walls or corners. Vines, such as money plants, can be hung across photo frames or collages or simply dangle from beams or ceilings. These greens look quite chic while bringing us a step closer to nature.

  1. Festive Wreaths

Wreaths are one versatile piece of home decor. Besides the usual festive occasions like Christmas, wreaths can be formed out of green leaves and used in lettering art. Their big ‘O’ shape can be incorporated into HOME and WELCOME words to add a more personalized feel to your home decor.

Final Thoughts

Besides the above-mentioned DIY ideas for eco-friendly home decor, there are numerous other nature-inspired elements that you can incorporate into your home decor. Resin cannabis coasters, Pinecone door decor, Macrame wall hanging, wooden napkin rings, and other DIY art are sure to bring the outdoors inside your living space. So, do try out these easy nature-inspired art ideas to give a bohemian and chic look to your home.

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