Maybe you don’t like it but kitty parties are always an important occasion for ladies. Their preparation for next weeks party starts from this week. After all, they want it to be a success but what are the main things that can help make a kitty party successful and happy.

Well, the first thing you can do is host the party with the ultimate purpose to impress your guests and help them make some beautiful memories that they can cherish throughout their life. But this is not the only thing, you have to make sure that the menu is right and the decor is looking pretty.

Though it might look easy but hosting a kitty party is as difficult as hosting any other event.

But don’t worry, here in this article you’ll learn the way to make your kitty party a big hit in your ladies circle.

  1. Invitation

No one is going to join you in your kitty party if you didn’t invite anyone. So, it is a good place to start with. Although, you can send an invitation e-mail at once to all your friends. But it’ll be a better idea if you send a proper invitation to them. You can either buy some from the stationary shop or just make them by yourself. It’s not that hard to make an invitation card, all you need are a bunch of coloured papers, some stickers, crayons and a little bit of creativity. Make them original, give them your personal touch.

  1. Room Decor

You don’t want to host your party amidst all the destruction that your kids have made inside your home. School bag on the dinner table, books and toys on the sofa and I think that curtain also doesn’t go well with the theme. You are hosting a party, pay attention to the decor. But before that, you need to set a theme, as you don’t want to go shopping without knowing what you really need. Set a theme and find the interesting home decors that will enhance the beauty of your house.

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  1. Games

Games for kitty party are a must and they are the only thing other than gossiping. All your lady friends are going to enjoy it. You can play tambola, bingo, music ballons or any other kitty party games. There are a number of kitty party games that you can enjoy with your friends. Make sure that the winner is going to get an awesome prize, otherwise, all the ladies will lose their interest. Pay the utmost importance to the party games because one can not call a kitty party without kitty party games. Do some research on the internet and find out about the different kitty party game. You can even create a new game with your group of friends.

  1. Food

The final thing that comes in this list happens to be food. No need to get surprised. Decide what you are going to serve to your guest in the party Make sure to chose a generic menu so that no one can complain about the food and all the hard work you have done. Sandwiches, cookies, tikkis, parathas and cake are some of the most common options for your food menu. If you are an exceptional cook, you can even show the talent to your friends. Cook something that you think you have mastered and let them be the judge.

  1. Don’t forget to have fun

You are not hosting a kitty party because of some obligation, you are doing it because you wanted to break your daily schedule. So that you can enjoy yourself with your friends. While planning a party you often get too concerned about everything that you forgot to have fun. Which is suppose to be the main motive of this party. So, after all the preparation, make sure to enjoy yourself as well. Stop thinking too much and just go with the flow. After all your party has already started and there is nothing you can do now, except enjoying. So enjoy the party.

Organising a kitty party can get really tiring if you don’t know how to organize a party. Apart from the above-mentioned tips you also need to take care of your guest’s entertainment. Make sure to tune to a good playlist and also make sure food served hot because of no one likes the cold food.

Kitty parties are always important for a housewife, as it gives her an opportunity to break her daily schedule and do something fun. Hang out with friends, play some games, listen to music eat some good food, a kitty party give you all of this. You are away from your family so that you can take a breath of peace.

Kitty parties can be very fun, it’s good that now you know what it needs to host a successful kitty party. Have fun!