I guess you have heard of LEDs as everyone is switching from traditional lighting to these famous lighting options. With Champion Energy plans, you may save money on your monthly electricity cost by switching to LED bulbs, which use at least 75% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. LEDs have become the talk of  the town ever since their arrival on the market in the 1990s.

If you want to save money use LEDs, if you want to save energy use LEDs again, if you want to be stylish and have a modern home then choose LEDs for residential settings.

All this is what has made LEDs the most preferred lighting option due to a variety of the advantages they offer. Below are some of the most common advantages that come with LEDs.

1. Saving costs

Switching to LED light bulbs can save you lots of money on electricity bills.

LED bulbs use less electricity than halogen or fluorescent bulbs hence using LEDs will save you from a great deal of electricity costs.

Besides that, LED bulbs are durable meaning that you are going to cut costs on having to replace the bulb every now and then.

The normal lifespan of an LED bulb is ten years and that means if you buy an LED bulb then you are sorted for the whole ten years.

This is not the case with halogen or fluorescent light bulbs which need regular replacing as they have a very short lifespan and cannot last for even a year.

Although LEDs cost a bit higher than their training counterparts, their durability and cost efficiency gives you value for your money. Buying LED bulbs will save you from constantly forking out money from your pockets to spend on bulb replacements every now and then.

2. Energy efficient

LED bulbs are mostly known and appreciated for being energy efficient. With LED lighting, you can save up to 10 times the amount of energy that is used by halogen or fluorescent bulbs.

For example, a single 5 watt LED bulb produces the same amount of lighting as a 50 watt halogen bulb so you can see how much energy you can save by using LED bulbs.

LEDs also help in energy wastage so there is no loss of energy when using LEDs.

For instance, a fluorescent bulb uses 10 percent of the energy it consumes to produce visible light whilst the remaining 90 percent is lost as heat.

An LED bulb on the other hand uses 80 percent of the energy it consumes to produce light and only emits 20 percent as heat.

This shows that there is hardly any energy wastage on LEDs than on a fluorescent one.

With LEDs you can save energy in your home and will also be able to use many electrical appliances without worrying about how much energy is being used for lighting as it will be less.

3. Less heat produced

Incandescent light bulbs are notorious for the amount of heat they produce. If you have ever tried to change an incandescent light bulb right after it has been switched off then you know what i’m saying. This is because incandescent bulbs use only 10 percent of the energy that they consume to produce visible light whilst the rest is lost as heat. This is very dangerous and can often cause house fires. With these light bulbs you are at the risk of having a house fire but you won’t need to worry about all this with LEDs.

LED uses most of its energy to produce light and produces very little heat.  You don’t have to worry about house fires at all with LEDs and you also won’t have too much heat in your rooms coming out from your lights .

Thus, LED bulbs save you from spending too much on air conditioning as they don’t emit too much heat in your rooms.

4. Dimming Capabilities

LEDs perform well at almost any power percentage, from about 5% to 100%. However  other lighting sources, such as metal halide, perform less efficiently when dimmed. Sometimes, you cannot dim them at all.

Fortunately, LEDs don’t have such problems. When you use less-than-full power on an LED light, it operates more efficiently. This feature has lots of  benefits, as well. It increases the bulb’s lifespan  and it means that you are using less energy, hence reducing your energy costs.

And with LEDs you are capable of dimming the lights up to your prefered standards and also increase the brightness to fit your needs. You won’t need to buy multiple bulbs which produce different brightness but you can get all this on one bulb. Great isn’t  it? This shows that LEDs are a great lighting option to use in your home as they are controllable like this and gives you the option to choose the amount of lighting you need.

5. Multiple Options

LEDs offer multiple options than traditional light bulbs. They are versatile and come in different styles.

If you want to add more style into your home then you can never go wrong with LED light bulbs.

There are also smart lights that enable you to use a remote control to control the light’s functions.

With LEDs you can change your lightbulb’s colour temperature from cool white to warm white or to whatever colour that you want. You can also control the light’s brightness using a remote control.

LEDs come in different shapes and styles and there are different light bulbs for all purposes.

There are LED bulbs designed for living rooms, ideal for bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms or any other room in your home. You can choose from a variety of options and with the availability of options, you can find your ideal type.

LEDs also add an aesthetic touch to your home as they come in different colours and have different features. For example, there are smart wifi LED bulbs that come with wifi connection, RGB(Red Green Blue) LED bulbs that give off these three different colours and you can choose the one you want.

With increasing technology, LEDs have increased features as well which makes them the most up to date lighting options.

6. Safe for the environment

If you are eco- friendly and have any care for the environment then you should definitely upgrade to LED lighting in your home.

Besides causing house fires, traditional bulbs contain mercury that can be very harmful to people if there is continuous contact. On the other hand LEDs are eco- friendly and safe for the environment as they don’t have any mercury or carbon dioxide. With LEDs you don’t have to worry about the health risks that come with mercury and since LEDs are durable, waste LED bulbs will be less.

Everyone is adopting LEDs as their lighting options because LEDs are safer to use as they emit less heat which does not cause any house damage, do not cause any health risks because of less heat and UV rays, and also no mercury in LED bulbs which makes them the safest to use.


LEDs have always been the best lighting options up to date. They offer lots of benefits for less and you are guaranteed value for your money.

You can save a lot of energy and money by switching to LED lighting and you can save the environment too.

Halogen and other traditional bulbs are now at the verge of being extinct because LEDs have proved to be the best in both customer satisfaction and preserving the environment.

If you haven’t upgraded to LED lighting by now I guess it’s high time you do the right thing and save yourself from exorbitant electrical bills, health risks and maintenance bills by switching to LED lighting now.