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All You Need to Know About Commercial Oil Filtration

No matter whether you serve your clients with wings, hot dogs or chips, your kitchen’s fryer is one of the hardest working pieces of equipment. However, the harder it works, the dirtier the oil gets. But you can always extend fryer oil life and save money in the process using a commercial fryer oil filter.

Without good oil, everything you prepare in your commercial deep fryer tastes bland. Getting an oil filter from a reputable commercial equipment Brisbane supplier is critical. Especially when you are frying an enormous amount of food daily and want to ensure the best-tasting cuisine for patrons.

How does a commercial fryer oil filter help you?

High-quality oil is a critical requirement for achieving delicious food. Below are some reasons oil filtration ought to be part of your commercial kitchen equipment:

When do you filter oil?

Traditionally, the oil’s colour has been the key indicator of whether to filter it. The oil that is dark or losing its transparency should be filtered. Alternatively, you can purchase inexpensive fryer oil test strips from one of the leading commercial equipment Brisbane suppliers have to offer.

Plus, consider running your oil through the filter after each part of your day. For instance, if you open during lunch and dinner, it is advisable to filter the oil after every meal. Such a schedule, however, depends on the volume and types of food you are frying at the establishment.

Fryer maintenance tips

Besides daily or weekly filtration, regularly maintaining and cleaning your fryer helps in improving the quality of your oil. Boil out the fryer each week to remove carbon and fat deposits on heating elements and the frying tank. Remember to keep the oil’s temperature under 350 degrees Fahrenheit and maintain its temperatures at 250 when not in use to protect oil quality.

Always follow the specific procedures set out in the unit’s manual or consult a commercial equipment Brisbane expert currently offers.

Where to get one

If you think a commercial fryer oil filter is the right for your restaurant, Cookon stocks an extensive range of these units. Visit their website at and select the unit you need at a budget-friendly rate.

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