Best Apps Every Tablet Owner Must Have

Android tablets and phones are getting better with each passing day. Not only these devices are used for work purposes, but also entertainment, gaming, and downloading. No matter what purpose you are using for, one thing you need to confirm i.e. your internet connection is stable and it offers a high-speed.

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If you have recently purchased a new tablet, you will be super excited to fill it up with your favorite apps. But with so many apps available on the play store, picking the best ones might be challenging. Don’t worry, we are here to help you in finding the best apps for the tablet you can install without thinking much. Let’s get started.


Feedly is a popular app among newsreaders who don’t want to miss their favorite posts published by their favorite website. The app is more like an RSS feed where you can share, organize, and manage in one place. Whether you are interested in news from BBC and Fox or want to get the latest updates about tech news from Tech Crunch or PC Mag, Feedly helps you curate all in one place.

The purpose of Feedly is to give quick access to your favorite blogs, magazines, and any information you need. If you want to stay ahead of everyone in terms of knowledge and updates, make sure to install Feedly on your tablet instantly.

Amazon Kindle

Book readers will find pleasure in reading ebooks on Amazon Kindle. Whether you are traveling on the bus, going to bed, or having a break, installing Amazon Kindle on your tablet will keep you engaged. Find a great selection of Kindle books including fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, sci-fi, science, technology, or any other genre you are interested in.

Amazon Kindle app allows you to customize settings whether it be fonts, text alignment, portrait and landscape, text size, and many more. Increase your vocabulary and learn new words as you read. Amazon Kindle subscription is only $9.99 per month, which gives you access to over 1000 books, comics, and magazines. Track your progress as you read and highlight what’s important for you.


Netflix is the powerhouse for movie and TV-show lovers. Watch your favorite ones on the go and take a break when you are feeling unproductive. Check out the latest award-winning shows, documentaries, stand-up specials, and Netflix originals on the go.

Netflix app also allows you to save movies and TV series for offline viewing. Moreover, before you start watching anything, you can take a preview of it. Never waste your time on something that’s not your interest. You can also allow your kids to watch their favorite shows and movies because Netflix only offers content i.e. family-friendly.


Pixlr is another great app for tablet owners that helps them to unleash their creativity. The free photo editing app requires no account creation. Install it on your device and start editing instantly. You can also capture your favorite moments with millions of free effects, filters, and overlays.

After editing pictures, you can also share them with your friends and share them on social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. A great idea for you if you want to become popular and wish to have a lot of followers. Adding text to your photos is super easy with Pixlr with plenty of font options to choose from.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Trying some new recipes day in and day out is a usual activity of most foodies. If you are interested in new recipes, this app is a must-have for you. Make your favorite desserts, continental and Chinese dishes in the kitchen. Also, find recipes recommendations based on your past searches. You can also bookmark your favorite recipes to watch them later and try them at home.

Summing Up

There are plenty of apps you can install on your tablet. It all depends on your preferences and liking when it comes to installing apps.


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