Whether you are purchasing a brand-new or used-but-new-to-you Skoda Fabia Sport for sale, buying a vehicle is exciting.

You don’t want to purchase a lemon, but you will spend less than you would on a new car when you get a used one. The key is some homework.

Below is a compilation of tips that will help you buy a Skoda car that is safe and reliable, and one you will love to drive for years and kilometres to come.

Start With Research

There are risks associated with buying any type of car, including second hand Skodas for sale but with the right dealer and due diligence, a second hand car can be just the right choice.

After all, someone once owned it and drove it before you, if not several owners. Understanding what you should look for and what you are looking at is critical.

Websites and publications such as Go Auto, and Wheels Magazine and automotive sections in major newspapers can help you narrow down your choices. They are also valuable tools for researching whether a specific Skoda model is within your price range.

The research will also help you decide on the exact model that is best for your requirements. For example, you might be on the fence on whether a Skoda Fabia Sport or Skoda Fabia Wagon for sale is right for you. Find out more about what current owners think of their vehicles and any problems that occur frequently with each model.

Google searches are very helpful for this type of research. Plus, an ever-growing list of bulletin boards and forums on the internet can help you find and connect with vehicle owners from all over the world.

Check Vehicle Driveability And Mechanical State

The Skoda logo on a car
The Skoda logo on a car

If you have found an attractive Skoda Fabia Sport for sale, visit the seller and ask if you can test drive it.

The test drive helps highlight any issues the vehicle might have, and it provides you with an idea of how the car handles and its suitability for your lifestyle. If you are not mechanically proficient, consider engaging the help of someone or have the car checked by a professional.

A pre-purchase inspection is advisable as it helps find current and potential problems. Arrange for a pre-purchase inspection through a qualified mechanic.

Vehicle Safety

Safety is a critical factor to consider any time you are purchasing a car, including new and used Skodas for sale.

Some safety features to look for include:

A major source of safety information for most passenger vehicles in Australia is the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) website. The site contains data on simulated crash tests and safety ratings of various passenger vehicles.

Check On Warranty

A warranty covers most vehicles from a dealership.

The length and nature of the warranty depend on the age of a car, the manufacturer, the location of the dealership, and whether the dealership provides an extended warranty. Private vehicle sellers cannot offer you warranties.

Manufacturer Warranty

It Covers new cars with a range between two and five years, and a stipulated kilometre limit. Many manufacture warranties can be transferred to a new owner as long as the vehicle is within the manufacturer warranty period.

Statutory Warranty

Licensed car dealerships provide a statutory warranty on each vehicle they sell, even after the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty. The statutory warranty is free and requires the dealer to fix defects that come up immediately after purchasing your Skoda.

Extended Warranty

An add-on warranty provided by a third party typically provides extra warranty cover after the statutory warranty and manufacturer warranty have expired.

Getting Your Car Today

Whether you are looking for a new or used Skoda Fabia Sport for sale, make sure you get in touch with a licensed car dealership. Dealerships can provide more than just sell you a car. When everything pans out for you, you are the proud owner of a ‘new’ Skoda car. Congratulations!

Vehicle purchase and maintenance are not as straightforward as we would like them to be. Check out our blog articles to find out how it gets easier!