Childcare Communication and How To Choose the Perfect Daycare in Chicago

A Chicago daycare needs to communicate sufficiently with parents about the children in their care. Excellent communication strategies and willingness to offer hassle-free, transparent information can be wonderful signs of a high-quality provider.

It’s normal for parents to worry and be curious throughout the day about what their child is doing and how their day is going. Easy access to this information can provide peace of mind that their kid is safe and receiving the care they deserve.

Knowing more about how the daycare communicates can play a significant role in which may be best for your little one.

Find Out if There’s an App

There’s an app for practically everything nowadays, but many parents are thrilled when they discover a Chicago daycare they are considering has one. LadyBug & Friends Daycare and Preschool has a mobile app that is super exciting! It helps parents stay informed about everything from upcoming events to what their child will be eating while in our care.

Evaluate Interactions

One of the best ways to judge how effectively an early childhood education center communicates is by evaluating their interactions.

There are three great ways to do this:

The first method is during an in-person meeting (or virtual tour). Gauge how well the conversation flows and assess how staff members react when you ask them questions. You can also use it as an opportunity to see what information they provide.

For instance, a daycare staff member should never give out personal information about another parent or child but should have no problem discussing menu options with you. They should also be willing to answer any reasonable question with kindness.

Two other methods are contacting the daycare by email and text or call. Staff should respond in a timely manner while also providing professional responses.

Doing one or all of these can give you an idea of how staff at the Chicago daycare might communicate with you in person (and if you need to contact them when you’re not on site). Determine how comfortable you feel with the results.

Talk to Other Parents

Parents typically have no issue sharing their opinions about a Chicago daycare they love or do not like. Ask local parents you know for recommendations about which childcare professionals are fantastic and have stellar communication skills. If you need additional recommendations, take it to the local social media groups and see what other parents have to say.

Read the Welcome Packet

Even if you’ve not yet decided on a particular Chicago daycare, ask to see their welcome packets during your informational meeting. It typically includes information about how they communicate with parents throughout the day, whether via app, text, email, and/or phone calls. Review this comprehensive breakdown of policies at your leisure when deciding which daycare is ideal.

3 Questions To Ask Your Daycare Facility

Don’t hesitate to ask the staff questions about how the daycare communicates with parents.

For instance, you might want to ask:

  • “How will you be notified if another child gets chickenpox or there is an outbreak of the common cold?”
  • “How will you know if Chicago’s infamous inclement weather will be causing the daycare to shut down for the day?”
  • “Will you keep me updated about my child’s sleep and eating updates during the day?”

Make a list of questions you can either email the daycare or discuss in person so you can make an informed decision you are comfortable with.

1. “What Are Your Social Media Privacy Measures?”

No Chicago daycare should put your child’s face or name on the Internet without your express permission. It can be problematic (to say the least) if a daycare releases any photos or personal information about you or your child without you permitting them to do so. Review their policies before you sign on the dotted line.

2. “How Often Do You Update Throughout the Day?”

Some Chicago daycares provide updates about everything, from if another child is running a fever to how much your child ate at lunch. Others take a less frequent approach and provide specific types of updates, such as about medical concerns. Determine if the frequency with which your potential daycare of choice communicates works for you.

3. “Can You Provide Updates via My Preferred Form of Communication?”

Daycares collect parent contact information, such as phone numbers and email addresses. However, not everyone has access to the same type of communication method throughout the day.

For example, some parents might not be able to check their email but have easy access to text messages. Ask the daycare if they can provide you with updates via your preferred communication method, particularly if it is about an extremely important matter.

The Perfect Daycare in Chicago and Childcare Communication: Wrapping Up

Communication between daycares and parents should be a huge factor to consider when deciding which Chicago daycare is best for your child. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and take other steps to determine if you would be happy with how they would communicate with you. Where you leave your child throughout the day is a big decision, and you have every right to take the time to determine what option is best for you and your little one.

Sandra Chiu works as Director at LadyBug & Friends Daycare and Preschool.

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