Christmas Ideas for Your Vaping Friends

Christmas Ideas for Your Vaping Friends

The jolly season is here with us, and one of the top things on everyone’s to-do list is getting their friends and relatives some Christmas presents. Most online searches are full of people looking up a CBD vape kit near me with the hopes of landing the best. The only problem is the extensive availability of products claiming to be the best.

The most seasoned vaper would be baffled by what is true and what is not. Experts at AskGrowers took time reviewing kits sold online and in physical stores. The review covers the basics of picking the ideal vape kit from a list of numerous ones.

Different Types of Vape Kits

If you have been into vaping or even seen a friend doing the same, chances are high that you have heard there are different devices of the same. The following are some of the common ones with one’s suiting beginners and even long-term users;


As the word alludes, these are one-use vape kits fully complete. They contain a pre-filled pod, a non-rechargeable battery, and an integrated coil. The pod contains flavored liquid. Using this pen is straightforward as it comes ready to use. There are no additional parts, and once it is depleted, you dispose of it and get a new one.

Vape Pens

These are the more discreet kind of vape kits. It constitutes a pen-like structure that heats up the liquid delivering the CBD to the user. Pens come in various forms, from disposable ones to rechargeable ones. Like disposable vape kits, the pens are useless once they are depleted. On the other hand, the rechargeable ones have a section where you can replace the battery once it gets depleted.

Pod Kits

Pod kits are another easy-to-use CBD vape kit. They comprise a pod and a battery. The two can be bought separately or together. Unlike the CBD vape oil pen kit, you can refix a battery after the first one is finished. Each pod fits a specific battery; sometimes, it cannot work with a different one. If you settle for these pod kits, it would be better to keep the buying information so the person can buy the battery afterward.

Box Mod Kits

A box mod kit is a high-tech device that utilizes interchangeable batteries. The device allows the user to change the heating settings to the wattage they want. You only have to control the device if you want a higher temperature or heating wattage. Unlike the others, this one can be recharged hence getting more uses from the vape pen kit for CBD.

Comprehensively, getting a CBD vape pen kit cheap depends on the user’s level of expertise. For beginners, disposable vape kits are the best. They do not involve changing the cartridges, which come in an all-in-one package. Gifting this to a newbie is the best option because you will not have to make additional purchases.

 Seasoned advanced variety users can benefit from the box mod kits. Their intricate systems allow users to calibrate their vape pens to what they want. Though expensive, OG vapers will undoubtedly appreciate this as a present instead of basic pens.

Features of Vape Kits

The science behind vape kits has them constituting certain unique features. For the user to inhale the CBD-infused liquid, there are several processes that it goes through. These are the fundamental structures of any vape kit you have or can buy, regardless of its uniqueness;


The coil is made up of a wick and a metal wire. It can be found snaking through the tank from the battery. Its sole purpose is to heat e-liquid, which vaporizes it enabling users to inhale the product. The coil is the heart of any vape kit.


This is the tank that contains the liquid. The tank holds the liquid until it gets heated and evaporates into your lungs. For some kits, the tank is refillable, while others are structured so that once the CBD juice runs out, the use is over.


As you can tell, the battery is the heating element of your vape kit. Once activated, it heats the coil, which leads to the juice heating, and voila, the vaping occurs. As with the tanks, you have kits with rechargeable batteries and others with one-use batteries. Others allow users to change the batteries and continue with their vaping experience.


In considering the critical features of a vape kit, we cannot leave out the e-liquid. This is the main component containing the CBD the user wishes to ingest. Vape juices come in varying flavors and quantities. It is up to you to choose the best.

Other than the structural features, it is helpful to consider usability features. This can include the kit’s durability, ease of use for beginners, the cost and process of replacement, and others. These features aim to identify the most suitable kit for you or whoever the present is intended for.

Reviews of Top Vape Kits

Considering that there is a CBD vape pen benefit, it is only reasonable that numerous products in the market claim to be the best. Here are five of the best kits that you can buy for yourself or gift someone this festive season.

CBDfx Disposable Vape Kit

CBDfx is among the top CBD companies in the market. They focus on producing natural and easy-to-use products. Their vape kit takes on a vintage aesthetic, meaning using it only requires pressing a single button. The kit is lightweight, and the e-liquid contains 500mg of CBD-infused substance. Its ceramic coil does let in a lot of air, but otherwise, the entire structure is easy to use.

Savage CBD Vape Pens

These CBD pens utilize a disposable cartridge. The basics of using this vape pen require you to buy the cartridge separately. After it depletes, you have to buy another one. The pen is high quality, and its production ensures that third-party labs test it. The flavors available for users include strawberry melon, berry mint, mango citrus, and the like.

Koi CBD Vapes

With these pens, you are sure to spend some more money than some of the others we have reviewed. Koi offers an intricate and efficient design that is easy to use, even for beginners. The pens come with pre-filled CBD juice with 100mg of the cannabinoid. The CBD isolate is pure and made from organic hemp farms in the USA. The result is a high-quality product that has been widely tested.

Just CBD Rechargeable Vape Pens

Just CBD offers sleek-looking vape pens almost the size of typical pens. The pen takes on a rechargeable design, which means it has high durability. The average time it would takes to use a pen is about 3 hours before it needs recharging for frequent users. Comprehensively, the design is increasingly efficient and easy to carry around.

Aspire Vilter Pod Kit

The Aspire pod kit is a sleek and efficient design. It is small and compact. The mouthpiece on this one may wear out after a while, but you can always find new ones online. Also, the battery is small, but the recharging time is about an hour or so. On buying the product, you get two disposable filter tips made from natural and healthy materials.

Final Thoughts and Recommendation

Getting into vaping can sometimes prove difficult. Once you start looking up the terms and kits needed, you may as well be banging your head against a brick wall. Now imagine trying to buy one for a friend or relative. With the several brands in the market, it is best to look for individual features such as durability and ease of use. Within this review, we ensured to look up some of the ideal types of vape kits and the top brands in the market. Hopefully, it helps you pick out presents for all your vaper friends.


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