Classification of Cargo Bike

From logistics usage to the marketing and sale of commodities, the use of bikes is gradually permeating the every day human life and activities. Among the factors that can be said to be responsible for these recent surge are the cheap cost of acquisition and maintenance bikes, its small size that makes it easily manoeuvred even in the face of heavy traffics, its ability to access remote areas that might be quite difficult for the average car to use, and its ability to be converted for different other purposes that best suit an individual’s specification and design. One of these unique and most commonly used bike designs in this modern time however is the Cargo Bikes.

Cargo bikes as the name suggest is a unique bike design that is specifically created to convey individuals and members of families from one place to another. Unlike the normal bicycle with which the children could convey themselves to schools and are used for leisure but unsuitable to embark on a group or family sightseeing, cargo bikes are mostly in a tricycle design and are best suitable for conveying the children and other members of the family to their desired locations.

Cargo bikes however comes in different designs and specifications among which includes the following:

  1. 3 Wheel Cargo Bike: this is a tricycle modelled cargo bike design. It has 3 wheels as the name rightly suggests; one in the front and two at the rear, and these makes it stand properly and balanced on the ground. In addition to these features, the 3-wheel cargo bike also possess a rear seat that can accommodate up to two or three individuals. It is most suitable for a small family sightseeing.
  2. Cargo Trike: this is a custom made of the cargo bike categories whose design can be built based on customer’s design request. Aside its very spacious rear sitting enclose that makes it the best suitable bike category for the transportation of children to and from their respective schools, it also serves a suitable carrier for the movement of manufactured goods from one place to another. The cargo trike bike category comes with a roller brake that makes it suitable to thread on every kind of surfaces no matter how sloppy it looks. The bike also has enclosed chain cases and weather protection that serves as shields to the children during usage in harsh weather conditions. When kids are seated and being conveyed to their respective academic environments in a cargo trike, the fencing on either side of the bike helps serve as braces that protect them from falling off in a situation where the bike bends or threads a rough route.
  3. Cargo Bike New Arrival: this is another of the cargo bike categories that can also serve the dual function of being used for family members or groceries ferry. The cargo bike new arrival comes with a frame design made of very strong steel material that makes it capable of conveying items with a relatively huge weight of up to 150kg. The bike also comes with a V brake attached to its front and rear end, and this keep it firm to the ground and make it thread-able on all kinds of sloppy surfaces. It also comes with a luggage carrier and front box to which a reflector is attached, and a handle bar that is made of smooth grip. As distinct from the previously discussed categories, the cargo bike new arrival is also usable in the night as it contains a headlight that get powered through the bike’s battery power.
  4. Classic Bakfiets Cargo Bike: the Bakfiets (a Dutch name otherwise used for a box bike) is one of the most used cargo bikes category. Dubbed as a direct alternative to the use of scooters and cars, the classic bakfiets cargo bike is built with a front box with frame around it onto which the kids can hold for physical support during movement. A classic bakfiets cargo bike also have the capacity to conveniently accommodate up to 4 kids and convey them on a sightseeing experience around the city. In addition to these provisions for convenience is a safety belt built in-between the sitting chairs through which the kids are held to their seats and prevented from falling or injury in the case of collision or movement through an extremely rough terrain. Its safety capability also makes it the most recommended category of cargo bikes for parents of little children whom desire to have a feel and sight of the city bustling life without necessarily getting so worried about the safety of their children.
  5. Comfortable Cargo Bike: like every other cargo bike that had been previously identified, the comfortable cargo bike is also an eco-friendly mobility asset that can be used to carry children to and from school, and as well convey groceries and other luggage from one place to another. Like others, it is also relatively small in size, can accommodate between three to four kids conveniently, and also provide ultimate comfort for the driver. As distinct from the other bike categories, the comfortable cargo bikes also possess an LCD display screen through which the driver can access every angle around its location, see what is happening around it without having to look around, and as well sight danger and avert it on time.
  6. Electric Bakfiets Cargo Bike: this is an improved version of the cargo bike categories. Unlike most of the other cargo bike categories, the electric bakfiets cargo bike operates on an electric-powered pedal that makes it easier to ride, has a covered canopy that provides shields against harsh weather conditions for the groceries and people being conveyed with it, and equipped with an aluminium frame that gives it strength, a light weight, and the utmost comfort for the kids during movement. It also comes with a high safety belt that keep kids secured in transit and prevent them from injury in the case of collision or movement in a relatively rough terrain.

The different cargo bike classifications also range in prices and tasks suitability. Better information regarding the prices, specifications and purchases of these cargo bikes can be sought via the Jxcycles web link

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