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Common Causes of Disputes in Residential Construction Projects

The construction sites across the world are buzzing with rapid developments as houses, cooperative societies and other residential buildings are constructed every day. Particularly in Middle East and Gulf Countries, the construction industry is experiencing a rapid boom because individuals need shelter for sustenance.

However, the process of construction is seldom smooth as ups and downs are the aggregated part of the projects. It triggers construction disputes and claims. You should consider avoiding such situations as no one comes out of the ditch by digging it down!

But, you should know the most common causes of such disputes? The article aims at help you get through all essential factors responsible for disputes and claims in construction. Besides, you will get a fair idea of dealing with it after going through the tips and guidelines. So, keep scrolling!

What causes construction disputes in residential projects?

Even, a comprehensively planned project in construction go through certain issues and conflicts. It is a bad omen for the contracting parties as their investment and reputation is on the verge of loss. It is owing to this, many people are involved in the construction projects which increase the probability of conflicts and clashes.

Omissions and errors in the contract

Many naïve contractors overlook missing information and omission of petty clauses in the contractor. It is one of the most intricate causes for disputes in the construction projects. Therefore, the contractors should avoid this by all paying attention to detail.

The main motivation for contractors is to stay away from conflicts. An altogether reviewed agreement can help in mitigating the risks. Particularly, for finance related clauses, you may get assistance from an experienced construction quantum expert for dealing with the errors of omission and commission. It will help you avoid conflicts by any means.

Difference in the condition of site

While a construction project heavily depends on the supposition that site conditions are the same as mentioned in the contract. Sometimes, it is not the situation when the contractors visit the site. Subsurface condition contrasts and other surprising changes can be an enormous reason for construction claims.

Ignoring contractual responsibilities

A comprehensively written agreement is essential for construction project. Sometimes, the contractors are unable to understand their obligations as per the contracts. It is occasionally insufficient for a smooth construction process. In the event that a contractual worker, sub-contract based worker, project owners may neglect to follow their commitments which result in disputes.

Lack of project administration

Further, the contractors should comply with the contractual obligations for project administration. It is imperative to understand that poor administration can lead to conflicts among the contracting parties. Therefore, you should consider effective project management to avoid misunderstandings.

Project delays and claims

Regardless of the fact that claims management is crucial yet, inadequately drafted claim stance can have a major effect on the projects. Therefore, you can get help from construction claims consultants to avoid such a situation. It is because professionals regularly characterize claims in contracts for this very explanation.

Top ways for construction disputes resolutions

Construction claims are the red flags for construction projects. It is imperative to resolve the disputes peacefully to let the projects delivered successfully without meeting an ill-fate. Owing to this reason, the contractors should consider claims resolution using the following ways:


An exchange condition essentially incorporates the understanding that if a reason for a question ought to emerge between a contractual worker and the project owner. For this, negotiation is one of the best things to arrive at a just and fair conclusion mutually. So, initiate communication and foster negotiation process while dealing with claims in construction.


The process of mediation recommends the consideration of an impartial outsider in the contest circumstance to help intercede the way toward settling the debate. Mediation is not legitimately official in any capacity. However can be a powerful way out of a circumstance which could some way or another disintegrates.

Expert determination

An option in contrast to intervention is expert determination. In this process, the disputing parties get third-party services from a construction quantum expert and witnesses to resolve the problem. The method is utilized to determine the scope of the claims based on an authority nature or in situations where there is a valuation question requiring an expert opinion.

Despite the fact that the assurance can’t be lawfully authorized either. If the involved parties consent to comply with expert determination, the problems are solved peacefully.

Avoid disputes and claims for success in construction!

Summing up, the delivery of construction projects is difficult in the wake of claims and disputes. However, you can resolve the issues by digging deep into the causes and then opt for a suitable way of resolution. Don’t forget to follow the shared information to get through the process of dispute handling successfully. Keep going!

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