Computer Tracking Software for Parental Control and Employee Monitoring

We people in this digital world are stressful due to the exposure of information. The world has open libraries, distracting and manipulating content online yet we lack the basic wisdom to grasp the information. Parents are in a difficult situation as stopping their children from getting specific information is not a choice anymore. If you are the one belongs to the same worrying category, TheOnespy software can help you. It is also a great assistance for the managers to monitor their employees at the workplace.

The software allows you to be aware of every interaction and activity a person is doing on the system. It is compulsory in many cases as children can be in danger. Cyberbullying and online blackmailing are famous in this world so, be careful before you have to wipe away a sobbing child. Install the TheOneSpy computer tracking software for any purpose in-home or office; you will never have second thoughts on your choice. TheOneSpy is a complete package for parental control and one can always take precautionary measures to avoid any dangers of online content exposure. Moreover, you get to know the activities of employees’ in-office hours.

Features of computer tracking Software – TheOneSpy as a top choice

If you are looking for the right software, TheOneSpy is the one that is good for many purposes for both parents and employers. Workplaces are evolving and we might not need this software in the future. But by that time, corporate companies are too huge to keep an eye on every employee. So, this monitoring software can help you in getting access to their system and know about their routine activities in detail. So, let the process start by installing the application in your home systems or devices that are used by your kids.

If you are willing to go on this path, the following is the list of features that you might want to know before you drill down to the further benefits of it.

1.     Block Websites

It offers you the facility to block unnecessary websites. You can block damaging websites on the system of your kids and social media sites on the system of your employees. A similar feature can also help you track browsing history of the concerned person.

2.     Mighty alarms

Set the mighty alarms to get alert on the specific activity. In this way, you can be away from the control panel, but still, get the notification if any suspicious activity is spotted. So, you can always enable alarms for safety.

3.     Live screen recording

Get the live screen recording with this feature and you can get real-time monitoring experience without any disruption in the middle of it.

4.     Screenshots of the activities

This feature allows you to take screenshots of the activities. You will get the idea, once you have hands-on experience on the app or software. Ultimately, you will get access to the complete data of the system and you save it for future use.

5.     Reporting

User-friendly reports are provided about the daily monitoring. You don’t need to be technologically smart to understand them as they are created for the older parents too.

6.     Anonymous tracking

You can hide your identity and the target device will never know if you are present in the system or not. While you will be activating the software in a target device, a pop-up will show for the confirmation to keep it hidden. You must check it to enable anonymous tracking.

7.     Online and Offline Monitoring

Software is not restricted to online tracking. You can monitor offline activities too and know if your kids are watching damaging content (possibly provided by bad-influencing friends). Or in the case of the workplace, your employees might be watching offline movies.

8.     Accuracy of the reporting

TheOneSpy is all about the accuracy. You would get the data without any misinformation. Access the details from minor to the major ones.


If you are still not sure of walking to this road or not, our customer support can help you decide. Call or contact them to make the installing process easy for you. Moreover, the computer tracking software of TheOneSpy is easy to install and instructions are already given through the registered email.

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