The convenience of presenting various types of content in PDF format is undeniable because of its versatility and integration. A PDF file can display many types of content from text, images, sound, to graphics, …

However, if the user wants to edit the content on the PDF file, it will be very difficult. The only way is to convert the PDF file to Word.

There are many services that support us to convert PDF files to Word files online for free.

Note to users, if the PDF file contains password you need to provide password for the software.

This article will guide you how to convert PDF files to word files online for free.

Online editor like Foxit provides a full featured platform to create, manage, convert, OCR, eSign and edit PDF documents.

First of all, can we find out about PDF files and word files?

What is the PDF file format?

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a portable document format, a popular text file of Adobe Systems. Just like the Word format, PDF supports raw text along with fonts, images, sounds, and many other effects. A PDF document will be displayed in the same way on different working environments. This is also the remarkable advantage that PDF owns that makes this format popular for publishing books, newspapers or other documents over the Internet.

What is the word file format?

Documentation in DOCX format is the better choice for any situation. This format makes files smaller, lighter, easier to read and transfer.

Use to convert pdf to word online

First you access the website at the link

Then select the PDF you want to convert and upload

Then choose the format you want to convert to word and continue

After you have converted from a PDF file to a Word file successfully, choose to download

So the PDF file has been converted to a Word file successfully, you can open it to check.