Different Applications & Uses of Diamond Drilling Process

Diamond is considered as a very hard substance and it is in high demand in the market as per its different applications and uses in the business. These days, the diamond is being used for drilling processes to penetrate the surface for exploring different materials. This process is known as Diamond Drilling Process. Diamond bits are usually used in this process to penetrate certain kinds of materials under the surface which is not possible with the help of other drilling techniques.

Diamond core drilling is an exploratory procedure which is used to determine mineral surface areas and their structural strength in potential mining activities and construction processes. The drilling bit is mounted at the top-end of a hollow rod which helps users to cut the solid formulated rocks by drill bit in the cylindrical form. The sizes of diamonds for bits are measured as per the micro fine industrial grade. The ratio of metals used for diamond bits are used to determine the effects and the performance of diamond drilling activities in different applications.

Different Applications of Diamond Drilling processes

As one of the modern drilling methods, core diamond drilling is being applied for different varieties of tasks these days, some of these are highlighted below:

Mineral Exploration:

Mineral Exploration has been benefited with the tremendous use of this diamond core drilling method. This Drilling tool is applied in the mineral exploration work as a wireless drilling method. This core drilling technique favours mineral explorations because it helps contractors to afford and measure real time analysis of rock composition as the drill bit bores down.

Diamond Drilling Mineral Exploration

To extract the core, the 3 systematic part should be considered in mineral exploration:

  • The drill should be extended into the drill rod on which diamond drill bit is mounted on its end.
  • Rotary action is used by the drill in order to force it into the ground and complete the penetrating process.
  • After penetrating, the drill bit which is already inserted at the top end of the narrow rod, the core will be pushed through the drill bit’s middle of the hole.
  • Here the contractors use wire mechanism to contain and recover the core samples from the inside surface within each rod.
  • With the catching mechanism of diamond drilling, it becomes easier for contractors to bring the core to the surface effectively.

Geographical Studies & Core Sample Analysis

Diamond Drilling technique is also beneficial for geographical studies and analysis. Many contractors use this diamond core drilling to collect metal and other minerals samples under the surface for geographical studies and mapping fastly and efficiently. Through this method, the materials are penetrated for the geographical mapping process and study the strength of materials out of it.

Core Sample Analysis (From Diamond Drilling)

Through diamond drill bit, in this process a core is usually produced and split it longitudinally shown in the above image. Half of the split core is assayed, but the other half is permanently stored for future utilization and for re-assaying activities if required. It creates maximum geographical information with high quality sampling rates. Each sample will be uncontaminated containing high quality geographical information with accurate hole repositioning.

Pillar, Wall & Slab Strength Analysis

Wall Cutting & Strength Analysis Through Diamond Drilling

In the construction process, Contractors are required to analyse the strength of concrete in order to place them during constructing building walls, pillars, bridges or slabs. Diamond drilling helps to adjust the concrete mixture accordingly. For this purpose, the diamond drilling process shows a clear picture of the overall strength of pillars, slabs and walls to the contractors. It also gives samples of surface strength by penetrating the surface. Since the core size (diameter and thickness) varies, contactors can apply this method to get a wide range of samples for depth analysis. Then the Rotary method is used to collect the samples from surface structure.

Core drilling concrete is a typical activity on commercial worksites across the globe. Specialists and trained experts perform this task to exploit masonry and concrete on various projects. But how will you know that the contractor is correct for you? If you want professional work in no time, you must be cautious of these aspects, see detail here: core drilling website

Depth Drilling: Floor Sawing, Wire Sawing

Diamond Drilling is also used for floor sawing and wire sawing and crushing activities. It is also used to perform and create openings while installing highly metaled plumbing pipes, electric wires, and also to insert the support frame during construction. Contractor also prefers diamond drilling methods for highly challenging projects where demolition, property restoration, remodeling of building etc.

The Diamond Drilling process is being used by contractors and subcontractors to make their construction project more efficient and compatible, but still it requires enough water supply for extensive site preparation. It also helps builders and architects to analyse each small small size effectively. So, applying diamond drilling technique proficiently, contractors are successfully completing their construction process and reduce additional time and costs effectively incurred by other drilling techniques.


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