Bags are becoming an important part of our life. In earlier days, people used to carry a big cloth to bind all other clothes into one piece during transit. As of now, people need different kinds of bags for different occasions, like travelling bags for travelling, backpack for schools, colleges, handbags for keeping some makeup essentials for women, side bags for looking classy, everyone has a different use and different definition for their bags. Some buy them for showing their status, some purchase them for their needs. Some kinds of bags are listed below. The bag manufacturer also take care that these bags become an excellent gifting solution for those who need it. Here the best ones that you can gift!


This is the ultimate medium-sized ladies bag every girl must own. This is a bag which can carry all the required things and still maintain the style quotient.

Hobo bag

This is a big bag made of soft materials with a slouchy shape. It is featured by a crescent shape under the handle because of the way it slumps down when put down or carried. This bag has a vivid silhouette which marks it as a casual carry all.

Tote bag

This is a rectangular shaped bag, that is made up of stronger materials like canvas or leather; It is ‘the-shopping-must-have’ for most girls. Cotton tote bags contain short-medium handles that are roomy enough for most all shopping that women do.

Messenger bag

These are medium-sized bags that may have a flap on the front. It often has a long strap and is worn cross-body. Another name for such bags is courier bag.


Another name of these bags is bookbag, kitbag, knapsack,  pack, backpack. This bag is a sturdy bag carried on the back of the body with two straps. There are huge backpacks used for travelling and they are called rucksacks.


This is a rectangular bag with a flap that fastens in the front with a single or double buckle. Usually, they have a long strap and are hung low on the body.

Bucket bag

This is a bag that has a flat bottom, a drawstring closure and long handles. This medium-sized bag is casual in its looking and is a fashion trend which has a carry-all cool appeal.

Bowler bag

This is a medium-sized bag with short and pretty cool handles; the bag has a different shape of a dome on the top; The name of the bag is taken from the bowling ball bags.


These are bags that have a flap and long cross-body straps; They appear like the bags which used to be hung on the saddle of a horse, hence the name. Some kind of saddlebags can be seen attached to bicycles/bikes.

These bags make an excellent gifting choice because you know which one to invest for who. Once you are frequent with it- it only gets easier. So, what are you waiting for? Gift these right away and win the receiver’s heart!