Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

The CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care is the capability that CCCP needs for those wanting to propel their career and studies in early childhood, and take on more elevated levels of obligation and administration in an early childhood administration. You will have the occasion to create abilities in providing care to children, with an accentuation on play-based learning and help children accomplish developmental outcomes. It is the capability for those wishing to lead an education and care program for children before they enter formal schooling. A Diploma In Childcare further empowers you to implement, and oversee education and care programs, and administrative staff and volunteers. You’ll additionally gain passage level management information and abilities that let you administer the early childhood education and care administration. As a Diploma qualified instructor, you will:

This capability will suit you on the off chance that you are, or wish to become a certified instructor in children’s administrations – liable for planning, implementing, and managing programs in agreement with licensing accreditation, and obligation of care requirements. At this level, qualified instructors have an obligation regarding the oversight of other staff members and volunteers. In many states, it is the most elevated capability needed for chief or administration supervisor level in children’s administration place-based care.

On the off chance that you need to assist kids with thriving providing a protected, fun, caring and stimulating environment for them to learn and develop then CHC50113 diploma in childcare education is the ideal course for you. This course will furnish you with the aptitudes and information to deal with the activity of a childcare place to guarantee that you offer a support to meet the social, passionate, physical and educational necessities of infants and little youngsters in different care settings.

You will build up the aptitudes to have the option to plan, implement and oversee programs in early childhood administrations, in agreement with licensing, accreditation and obligation of care requirements. You will likewise find out about moral work rehearses, the lawful requirements of the industry, staff management and the requirements to maintain a protected and solid working environment.

  • uphold children’s learning and development
  • configuration, plan, implement and assess educational projects
  • uphold the wellbeing, learning and development of children and their families
  • work with network and outside offices
  • give authority and backing to other staff
  • deal with an assortment of early childhood administrations
  • guarantee consistence with approaches and enactment.

Section Requirements

  • A decent capacity to peruse, compose and communicate in English
  • A sound capacity to apply numeracy
  • A current Working with Children Check


The guideline for term is a year – 2 years depending on your picked study choice. Outer training is independent, and length relies upon the individual student, their employment circumstance and enrolment type. Credit move and RPL choices may likewise diminish the general time taken to finish the course.

Study Options

  • Child Care Course In Perth offers an assortment of conveyance alternatives that permits understudies to finish the capability in a mode/s that suit individual learning requirements:
  • Class: Full Time 65 weeks (or 39 weeks whenever finished CHC30113) at different areas across Australia.
  • Outer Study: Self paced (as long as two years to finish)
  • Traineeships/Apprenticeships: Full time or low maintenance on an agreement in the work environment
  • Acknowledgment of Prior Learning (RPL): Self paced

Learning Areas

Through the Diploma capability, you will realize providing a program for infants, babies and small kids and work in a place of duty. There are 28 units of study in this capability covering points, for example,

  • Developing, implementing and evaluating learning programs for children
  • Facilitating children’s comprehensive development and wellbeing
  • Managing and maintaining legitimate and moral consistence
  • Administration and essential management duties


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