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Do You Know The Differences Between Indoor And Outdoor Hoops?

Basketball is a very exciting sport to play, and you can play it with friends and family, either for casual or competitive occasions. However, you need the best equipment to play it conveniently, and of course, the basketball game cannot be played without hoops. You need at least one hoop to enjoy playing basketball properly. However, when it comes down to the choice between the indoor hoops or the outdoor ones, there are several differences that you need to know about them.

Here are some of their differences that you must know before you choose your new basketball hoops:

As for the indoor one, of course, it’s perfect if you have a large outdoor room in your house or your school/campus. This type is easy to move around thanks to its small size. Although you need to take some time to install it, it’s worth the freedom to choose the height of the hoop before you install it on your wall. Carrying this type by hand is not a problem at all. Thanks to its small size, carrying it from room to room is easy to be done, but you still need to install and uninstall it from the wall if you don’t want to leave it in the basketball court.

Aside from that, its small size allows the hoop to fits into the most room too. Unlike the outdoor one, you can carry it into most doors and windows as long as they are not small. This can be convenient if you have to move from one indoor basketball course to another one, or even to another room where you want to just practice your aim. You can even install one in your bedroom just for practicing your aim while also enjoying your private time in your room.

Furthermore, its height adjustment won’t be a problem at all. Unlike the outdoor hoops with limited minimum and maximum height, the indoor hoop can be adjusted easily. It depends on how high you can install it to the wall. As long as you have a proper and safe ladder or scaffolding, you can install it as high as you want. However, you need to be careful not to install it in a place that is too high, due to it might hamper the enjoyment of the game if you install it outside of everyone’s effective shooting range. Furthermore, installing it in a high place recklessly can endanger yourself or the one who installs it too.

Now, let us take a look at the outdoor hoops. You see, the outdoor ones are usually made of more durable materials. It’s because the outdoor hoops won’t only need to withstand the impact of the balls and slam dunks, but it might also need to face impact from other sources such as strong wind, falling tree branches (if it is installed in a green area), or even when it hits the ground due to accidents. Therefore, if you find that some or even most of the outdoor hoop prices are more expensive than the indoor ones, then it is understandable. Aside from their durable materials, their sizes also make them have more expensive price tags. However, some of the indoor ones might come with higher prices if they come with extremely high quality.

Aside from their durability, the outdoor hoops also come with more durable paints. As you can expect, basketball equipment comes with a cool-looking design, due to its very popular sports. Therefore, you will be happy if your outdoor hoop’s paint can last for a long time, due to it is usually painted with exterior paints. This way, its color will not fade away too soon even if it is exposed to unpleasant weather conditions such as rain, extreme sunlight, and also snow.

Furthermore, aside from the hoop itself, the outdoor hoops might come with wheels under their bases. This is so they can be moved from one basketball court to another easily despite their big size. It’s more convenient to always choose the ones with a wheel due to moving one without wheels can be quite cumbersome. However, you need to remember to maintain the wheels properly from time to time so it will not be stuck when you need to move your outdoor hoop from one basketball court to another.

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