In the past, only dedicated audiophiles knew the true worth of headphones. Thanks to inventions such as Walkman, iPods, and mobile phones, everyone has been introduced to the joys of listening to music using high-quality headphones. For some users, the relationship they share with their headphones is almost like matrimony!

They take them to bed, wear them every time they’re traveling – some even go to sleep wearing a pair of headphones! That’s the effect a good pair of headphones can have on music lovers. Of course, music lovers want their pair of headphones to boost their genre-specific listening experiences. There are different types of headphones designed for specific genres – rock, rap, EDM, and even classical music. So, buying the best possible headphones within your budget should be at the top of the list of priorities.

The Risk of Buying Headphones Online

The best way to test whether a pair of headphones are of good quality is to listen to them. Listening to a few seconds of sample piano music is enough to spot any quality inconsistencies. Since online headphone shopping doesn’t allow users this luxury, brand value plays a vital role in online purchases. Always get the best headphones online in India from reliable brands. Don’t compromise on the brand for discount deals.

Other than the seller and the brand, here are the features you need to look for during headphone shopping –

Headphone Buying Guide 

Personal Preferences 

It’s impossible not to consider the most vital factor in a headphone shopping process – the user! After all, if your headphone isn’t suited for your preferences, you won’t be able to use them for long periods.

  • Some users buy headphones to enhance their gaming experience.
  • Some want headphones that are flexible and compact so that they can wear them while exercising.
  • Students often need noise-canceling headphones to increase their concentration levels.

The type of headphones you purchase should reflect your personality.How and where do you plan on using your headphones? Many companies sell task-specific headphones (e.g., gaming headphones). Watch out for such categories while browsing e-stores.

Which Type of Headphones Do You Need?

In the headphones market, products are classed based on their design, build, and sound quality. Here are some common types of headphones:

  • Open Back – The backside of open-back headphones is, as the name suggests, – open. They are not meant for music producers who need sound-canceling features like the sound from such headphones often leaks. However, this substandard sound quality makes these headphones perfect for people with sensitive ears. Open-back headphones are recommended for children. Semi-open headphones, an upgrade on open-back headphones, have recently been introduced to the market. These headphones offer much better sound quality, improved stereo field, and lower frequency responses.
  • Circumoral – Circumoral headphones go over the ears of the user. They are known for having in-built noise-canceling features.
  • Supra-aural – These headphones feature a similar ‘over the ear’ design that circumoral headphones have. The only difference is that they don’t shroud the ears; they rest on them.

Since the users’ ears take on the weight of these headphones, they are designed to be lighter. This light design compromises its tightness around the ears. Hence, they are not as good at noise canceling as circumoral headphones.Other types of headphones include closed headphones, DJ headphones, and of course, earbuds.

Earbud Headphones

Wireless earbuds have been in fashion ever since Apple decided not to include audio jacks in the newer versions of the iPhone. They are known for being easily portable, light, and extremely comfortable.

Since there are no wires, users don’t have to dedicate five minutes of their days untangling headphones. They fit into the ear and create isolated sounds to boost the listening experience. The only problem with wireless headphones is that they cost a fortune. Users who frequently lose personal items shouldn’t invest in wireless earbud headphones.


Spending big on an item that will only last for a few days isn’t smart. So, check the customer reviews of the headphone you wish to purchase. Irrespective of its type or design, it should be durable.

Qualities such as durability often depend on the seller. Top brands manufacture headphones with extremely thin and delicate wires. Still, their products last longer than substandard headphones with thick wires.

So, opting for higher-priced headphones works out in the long run as you’ll barely need replacements. Plus, top sellers offer replacement parts and warranties – features that every seller can’t afford to offer.

Fit and Comfort

Design, color, and other physical features do matter. But, if the headphones don’t fit comfortably in your ears, you won’t be able to use them for long periods. So, look for features such as fabric padding or cotton buds that can make the listening experience better by softening the pressure.

Consider these details before pressing on the ‘Order Now’ button!