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Since PDF files are better protected than other file formats, it is common practice to convert any other files into PDF files, particularly Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel spreadsheets. These documents are prone to changes whenever they undergo file transfers from other users.

PDFs’ structure is considerably more rigid than these popular file formats, making it hard to edit even through the manual process. Excel spreadsheets may contain various confidential information that the users would want to be kept hidden in secret and private to prevent any ill deeds that can harm themselves.

GogoPDF as the leading converter

GogoPDF confidently boasts its free Excel to PDF online with better efficiency and conversion speed than any of its converter competitors in the market. The website’s offer may not have been the first free conversion website there is, but it will assure you it is incredibly better than the other similar websites.

The emergence of technology with its fast pacing and ever-continuous evolution of processes opens the door to the never-ending discovery of new ideas by people. However, with all this overwhelming information coming out of its doors, there are various ways to take advantage of others’ data without them noticing.

These spreading ways of data-stealing make the GogoPDF on a higher level than the others. GogoPDF aims to fully allow the users to access the website without fear about their privacy and information. The website has its system to protect all the users’ data being uploaded on its account and throughout the entire conversion process.

GogoPDF’s Confidence in its Environment

GogoPDF’s best quality does not end in its trusting policies. It also has probably the friendliest environment among all other websites in its category. Once you visit the website, you can see that it is easy to understand and uses fewer words than other existing sites. Some of the essential terms were made clickable for easy and optional navigation.

Users can freely navigate the website to test their environment, even if they do not decide on the website itself. They can know GogoPDF’s privacy security policies and other important terms about the system. This feature eases people’s worries and doubts regarding the website’s status and condition.

The approach is also as important as the entire conversion process itself. Making a website intimidating might hold back any interested users. Making the website as easy to navigate as possible is a good idea since almost all similar websites with the same offers and functions, aside from requiring payment, are intimidating to the eyes.

GogoPDF’s Walkthrough to its Conversion Steps

You will undoubtedly notice the website’s conversion toolbox and the four easy steps given below it. These steps provide even computer newbies a chance to convert their own Excel spreadsheet into PDF files. As long as they can understand and read the directions correctly, they can follow them easily and speedily.

The first step is to find the Excel spreadsheet you want to convert into PDFs and drag it onto the website’s large conversion toolbox. It will trigger the website to process the file and scan the document for any viruses that can harm the system. Once the scanning process finishes, it will direct you immediately to the conversion process.

It is only one step divided into four steps because of the documents’ faster processing. The system smoothly transitions from one phase to another immediately after finishing the prior stage. It may take only a few minutes, and your newly converted PDF file is now ready for download or upload.

GogoPDF’s Eye-Catching Features

The website’s features are also appropriately presented with a clear explanation about it on the website’s environment. You can see it in the middle part, right after the description for each stage of the process. Six features were nicely presented with detailed explanations that ordinary people can understand.

The first feature is the security of the website. The security of the website should not be taken lightly. Its privacy policy enables the system’s servers to delete all Excel spreadsheets and other documents uploaded on the servers automatically after an hour. This is to prevent ill-intent people from taking advantage of other people’s efforts to take advantage of them.

Second, with the security guaranteed, the conversion of all the documents online will always go smoothly and correctly without hassle to the users. It is accessible on all major operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux and supports popular online platforms like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

The Website’s Consistent Conversion

Some people are always full of doubts, even if there is enough information to know about the website. You do not have to worry because GogoPDF even adds additional protection to the sturdy PDF. It does not change anything and preserves the format, structure, and all the file’s content will be transferred without a hitch.


Free conversion websites exist anywhere in the world. However, among these free conversion websites, there is indeed no one that can beat GogoPDF’s free conversion processing of Excel spreadsheets while maintaining its security and effectiveness on a higher level.


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