Instagram is an online photo and video-sharing social networking service whose parent chain is Facebook. It was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010. Instagram rapidly gained popularity after its launch. It won 1 million followers in just one month. I

nstagram achieved a milestone of 1 billion users in May 2019. Instagram came in the era when social websites were emerging, and it was a golden era for the launch of social media networking services. It provided its users with a platform for sharing their photos and videos. 

Initially, it was designed for iPhone operating systems, but later on, they released a version of the android app in April 2012. And, you can use ( to create more accounts. Facebook acquired this social networking service in the approximately U.S. $1 billion (76,11,25,00,000 Indian rupees) in April 2012. 

Being a user friendly, mobile-ready, image centered, and improved versatility is what makes Instagram a popular social networking service. Instagram users can like, comment, share the posts of other users. They can direct messages to other users (popularly known as dm). They can share their pictures and videos with filters and geolocation tags and tag other users in it. They can also share a 15-second video or photo with music for 24 hours in the form of an Instagram story.

Facts about Instagram

  1. An excellent platform for business profiles:

33% of the most-viewed stories on Instagram are from businesses. Nearly 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily, and approximately 80% of accounts on Instagram follow a business profile. 

According to last year’s update, Instagram allowed its users to tag products within posts due which it became more comfortable for the brand to target a large number of consumers in a single time. There will be around 1 million advertisers on Instagram. About 96% of U.S. brands use Instagram. There are approximately 25 million business profiles on Instagram.

2.  Popular app among youngsters

Youngsters love Instagram more than any other social networking service. It is very popular among teenagers. Around 59% of Instagram users belong to an age group of 18-29 years. Among ten online adults, six have an Instagram account. 

According to research, 32% of teenagers consider Instagram as the most important social network. Features like Instagram stories, geolocation tags, filters, hashtags, etc. make Instagram a popular app among youngsters.

3.  Female oriented platform

There are more female users on Instagram than male users. According to a survey conducted in April 2020, 69% of the users are female, while 49% are male. As Instagram is an excellent platform for business profiles, it works as a magnet for fashion, design, and beauty products, which often targets women to buy their products. 

Every girl wants to look beautiful, and here are the Instagram filters, which make you flawless. Instagram concentrates on sharing to share photos, which means public appearance and women are more conscious than men about their social presence. Young women always dominate any of the visual platforms, generally.

4.  Microblog friendly platform

Microblogging is a specific form of blogging that allows users to share small elements of content like short sentences, individual images, or video links. Microblogging is gaining immense popularity nowadays, and platforms like Instagram are gaining popularity the bloggers. It is the beauty of Instagram that the post is miniblog in itself. 

A job with excellent visuals and a perfect caption engages many people. On Instagram, users can share the post with other users on Instagram stories or repost them, making it a blogger friendly platform. Instagram allows you to grow a community around you and readers in a way that is difficult on other platforms. According to many bloggers, it is all about Instagram when it comes to loyal readers and loyal followers.

5.  Instagram is social and friendly.

You can click and edit your pictures and showcase them easily on Instagram, but what makes it more interesting is that you can comment, share, and like (by just double tap and heart will pop up on the liked photo) the photos of other users. An Instagram story is also an exciting feature where you can share your photos and videos. 

What makes an Instagram story more interesting is features like drawing and filters (named after the names of different cities of different countries). They pop on the top of the newsfeed of a person and disappear after 24 hours. You can keep them in your highlights for the person who will visit your profile. By linking your Instagram account with your other social media accounts, you can share your post, which is edited on Instagram on your other social media handles.

In short, Instagram is a platform where you can promote your brand and target a larger number of audience which is difficult on other platforms, grow a community around you and increase your blog-traffic, edit and post your photos, interact with more persons belonging to your age group, get the information about top brands and other stuff.