“Footprints in the Sand” is a figurative writing piece depicting the unseen yet genuine presence of God and His guidance to His children. The origin of this literary piece is not clear, yet the recognized one seems to be Margaret Fisherback Powers. Many authors claimed to be the original writers of this literary piece. Up to now, the original writer is unidentified.


The poem talks about a person strolling at the shore with the Lord in a dream. The person witnessed the events unfolding, and in these events, there were two pairs of footprints embedded in the sand, presumably, the person’s and the Lord’s. But during the darkest or the loneliest parts of this person’s life, the person was dismayed to find only a pair of footprints in the sand and felt abandoned. The Lord responded that He was there and explained why there were only a pair of footprints instead of two. All along He was there, carrying the person in His arms during those times. The pair of footprints did not belong to the person, but God.


This touching literary piece has a significant impact on believers and non-believers alike. For Christians, it affirms God’s abiding presence in all seasons, at all times, and though it may seem God is distant during the low times. Non-Christians also appreciate this poem, that even if they may not open the Bible, they get to know about the kind of God Christians serve.

The poem became popular that it inspired the release of a gospel song with the same title in 1983. Leona Lewis also recorded an inspired version of the poem composed by Simon Cowell Many literary pieces took inspiration from the contents or concept of footprints in the sand wall decor. Authors wrote their takes on the poem with their unique interpretations.

In 1978, a publication published a literary piece that was thought to be heavily influenced by Footprints in the Sand. It was about an elderly who met His Creator and asked the Lord why in the easy roads he strode, two pairs of footprints were visible, but in the stony paths, only a pair of footprints were there. The man asked the Lord why He allowed the man to stride on those rocky paths all by himself, and the Lord responded that He was there all along, carrying Him as the elderly trod the rocky roads.


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