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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Learner Approved Motorcycles in Sydney

Sydney is one of Australia’s wealthiest cities, thanks to its highly-advanced market economy with strengths in retail, tourism, manufacturing, and services. This is why it is no surprise that Sydney has over $400 billion in gross domestic product with $80,000 per capita.  It is also considered as the most livable and richest city in the country.

However, despite being one of Australia’s best cities, Sydney is not immune to problems experienced by other urban areas, such as road and vehicular accidents. This is why LAMS motorcycles Sydney are recommended to novice riders by the government to improve safety. Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding them.

What Exactly is a Learner Approved Motorcycle?

Novice or beginner riders in Sydney can either have a learner, provisional P1, or P2 rider license. They are restricted from using highly-powered motorcycles. This ordinance was imposed to reduce the incidence of road accidents and crashes that involve motorcycles.

According to reports, novice riders that use highly-powered vehicles have a higher risk of suffering road crashes that result in serious injury or death.

According to an article by the New South Wales Government, the learner approved motorcycle scheme (LAMS) provides a nationally-agreed standard that allows beginner riders to use only low and moderately powered motorcycles. This ensures that only experienced, and professional riders can use highly-powered motor vehicles to improve safety.

What are the Features of a Learner Approved Motorcycle?

Suppose you are planning to get your rider license in Sydney. In that case, you will only be approved if you have a motorcycle that is considered “learner approved” Here are the qualifications for this category of motor vehicle:

Engine Capacity. A learned approved motorcycle is only allowed to have a maximum engine capacity of 660ml. If you have a motorcycle with a 700ml capacity, your license will not be approved.

Power-to-weight Ratio. LAMS motorcycles Sydney have a power-to-weight ratio of less than 150 kW per tonne, making them the recommended vehicles for novice or beginner riders. Also, the motorcycle power and weight are based on data supplied for Australian Design Rules compliance.

Power Up Requirement. Electric motorcycles that are allowed for novice riders should have a power up to 25kW or less.

Can I Modify a Learner Approved Motorcycle?

A learner approved motorcycle should not be in any way modified from the manufacturer’s standard specifications. This is why if you want to get your rider license approved, you should not tinker or modify your motor vehicle. However, if you suffer from a physical disability, your motorcycle can be modified, you need to make sure that the power-to-weight ratio does not change.

The exemption on modifying a learner approved motorcycle is provided to ensure that a person with a disability has equitable and fair access to a motor vehicle. However, a licensed certifier should approve any motorcycle modification.

Getting your novice rider license is not something that you should take lightly, which is why you should follow the requirements strictly. And this includes using a learned approved motorcycle.

If you want to make sure that you get approved without any hassle, you should only buy a motorcycle from reputable sources. Check out a reliable and trusted seller of learned approved motorcycles in Sydney today!

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