Gifts for Dog Lovers and Their Furry Companions

Gifts for Dog Lovers and Their Furry Companions

We all know THAT person who is a great pet parent. They will tell you straight out that their dog is their baby, and what of it?

While we all know what kinds of gifts to give people who’ve recently had a baby, or are soon to have one, what kind of gifts do we give to new pet parents? After all, we want to show them that we understand their love and devotion to their dog, and new pet parents deserve support just as new people parents do. So who do we show our dog-loving friends that we understand that they’ve really welcomed a new baby of their own when they’ve adopted a new dog? What’s a great dog shower gift, or a welcome the new furry addition to your family gift?

Dog Toys Are Always Welcomed for Welcoming a Furry Family Member

There are many emotional and physical reasons that dogs love and need good dog toys. Puppies and young dogs chew for comfort and to soothe the irritation in their mouths that come when their milk teeth are being replaced by adult teeth. Giving them a good chew toy will not only ease the discomfort in their gums, it may also keep them from chewing on things that they shouldn’t, such as furniture legs and their owner’s favorite shoes.

Many older dogs also love toys. It gives them something to do to occupy their waking hours when a pet parent is at work, or they encourage their favorite person to interact with them when they are together with games of fetch or tug-of-war. While many dogs will choose a favorite toy, it’s also good for them to have a variety of toys with different textures and features to play with to give them plenty of stimulation.

Personalized Dog Tags

While most responsible pet owners have their dogs microchipped in order to protect them should they become lost, microchips only work if the dog is brought to a clinic and is scanned. In some cases, this means hours or even days of worry for an anxious pet parent. A dog with a personalized tag including their name, the name of their owner, and a phone number and address can potentially reunite a dog and owner much faster. Any person finding the dog doesn’t have to take the time to bring the dog to a clinic to get scanned but can simply read the information on the tag and call the pet parent immediately.

Personalized tags come in engraved metal to be attached to a collar, or are sometimes offered as a one-piece unit with the tag built right into the collar or on the clasp.

A Dog Harness

A harness has several advantages over a dog leash. They offer better control, which is a bonus in busy areas or high traffic areas. They are also better for training puppies or young dogs, because they won’t get tangled up in their leash as they tend to do with traditional collars and leashes. On large, strong dogs, a harness gives the owner better control. Guiding a large dog takes less strength with a harness than with a collar and leash. And most importantly, a good dog harness prevents the pressure on the throat that collars and leashes exert when an energetic dog pulls on the leash, or when the owner has to pull the leash to control the dog.

Dog Grooming Tools and Products

This is something that pet parents will appreciate. Dog brushes, nail clippers, and dog toothbrushes and toothpaste. Doggy toothpaste comes in flavors they will love such as chicken, and London Broil, and brushing their teeth has many health benefits.

Other grooming tools and products include dog washing tools that you can attach to a hose or water source and use to bathe your dog. These are typically wand-shaped and have multiple jets to allow you to easily rinse out shampoo. Dogs usually enjoy these much more than a soak in a tub. You can add a great dog shampoo to this gift for complete Grover grooming.

Matching Sweaters (!)

Not every pet parent will be into this, but many others will be, and you can usually spot the type. (The ones who carry pet carriers instead of purses) Matching sweaters or PJ’s are adorable. You can find these in some pet stores and online. Usually they include a dog sweater or pajamas and one for the dog’s human in a matching fabric—though the design may have to be a little different.

A Pooper Scooper

These are a must-have for every pet parent. If you’ve ever forgotten to bring one along and been yelled at by an irate neighbor who runs out in a robe and slippers, you’ll be careful never to forget again. (And you’ll be careful to avoid walking your dog in that direction again.) Pooper scoopers are innovative devices that you can easily carry along with you on your walk and keep the poop-scooping hands-free which is highly beneficial.

Many of the newer scoopers have collapsible poles so you can carry them more discreetly.

Doggy Water Bottles

Things have come along way in the world of pet care, as more and more millennials are choosing pet parenthood. Today you don’t have to worry about finding a bowl to give Barney water when you are out on a hiking trail, or traveling in a car. You can now find some great water bottles that have a small bowl attached to the lid. You simply squeeze the bottle and the fluid will keep flowing from the bottle upward into the lid while your dog drinks, keeping the water fresh and cool.

A Great Dog Bed

Today’s dog beds have improved in response to the growing number of dog owners as millennials become pet parents. You can probably find a dog bed that’s more comfortable than the bed of the dog’s owner. Today you can buy a memory foam dog bed that’s comfortable for any dog, but especially beneficial for old dogs with arthritis or other aches and pains. Memory foam reduces pressure on critical pressure points.

There are also pillow-top dog beds, beds with built-in-doggy pillows, and beds covered in fluffy faux fur.

Whatever gift you choose, you will make a brand new friend—your friend’s new dog—and you will also allow your dog-owning friend to feel seen and understood. After all—you are the understanding friend who realizes that your friend’s new dog doesn’t just make her a dog owner. It makes her a pet parent!

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