Harrison Kenne, One Of The Greatest Minds In Marketing

Harrison Kenne is a 20-year-old entrepreneur and owner of Promotionalproducts-services.com. He has already been on over 15,000 different publications & press sites.

Harrison’s marketing company has fulfilled 60,000+ orders just over the last few years.

Harrison’s pet products based business has had over 100,000 5 star verified purchase reviews on all of their products. The shocking part is that the store only went live three months ago!

If that’s not enough, Harrison plans to open a total of 16 online stores in 2017. Each store is expected to have over 1,000 products and will be listed on over 1,000 retail sites such as Amazon.com, eBay, Walmart.com, Target.com, Google, Wish, Shopify, Facebook, Instagram, & much more.

His path to success.

“I remember that I had just finished a moving job that paid me $10 an hour. I had about $90 in my account total, and I was sick and tired of working long hours for such little pay. My biggest fear was that I would be in the same position in a few years working minimum wage and laboring all day long during the summer. I had always been offered jobs, but I just couldn’t bring myself to work for someone else as a steady job. It was at that moment that I decided that I wanted to start my own business. I spent $70 out of the $90 I had in my account for all of the licenses and then made over $300 within 48 hours.

I continued to run the flyer distribution for a year but quickly realized that staffing and expansion were far more complicated than previously thought. At that time we also offered to print for over 40 different types of products. Since I was considered a marketing company and had a large client list, I convinced a major printing company in the USA to offer us discount pricing on all of their products and I would then resell the printing to my clients for the same price.

I remember getting tired of the flyer distribution at that point because it just wasn’t scalable. During that time I paid $20 an hour for people to go door to door and hand out flyers. During that time I probably interviewed 250+ people to hand out flyers and hired about 50 staff off and on.

I knew there had to be a more effective way of marketing and making money. That’s when I started learning digital marketing. I started with website design and social media marketing and quickly grew into all of the categories I am in today.

There was a lot to learn on the way and there still is. I spent thousands of hours and dollars learning from multi-million dollar mentors and consultants. Now some of them are even my partners.

Most companies stop learning once they start doing well and don’t provide their clients with up-to-date services. The trick to taking the lead in the online world is to always update and change your approach to best fit with major updates from Google, Social Medias and anywhere else you are trying to grow your business.

Today I take multi-million dollar moves that will benefit people all around the world. Three years ago I used to get excited about closing a deal worth a few hundred dollars. Now I work on multi million dollar projects and discuss $100,000+ marketing deals with other companies every day.”

Harrison is an expert in blogging, social media marketing & ads, gaining e-commerce sales, SEO, website design, local & international business marketing & branding and much more. Harrison’s company can also get your products into any store in the USA as well as significantly increase your online sales.

In one of Harrison’s recent interviews he said the following:

“The future of business is online, those who understand algorithms, coding, & SEO will stand to make millions if not billions just because they have an understanding of how the system works. I’ve spent years studying the way Google, Amazon, Social Medias & many other online platforms work. The education never truly stops because each platform comes up with new updates every few months.”

In 2016 Harrison helped a small business just breaking $60,000 a year to make an extra $120,000 in sales over the last six months of the year.

Harrison has also worked with major multi-million dollar companies and Fortune 500 companies. He has spent a lot of time helping people build their online product sales and building his own future eCommerce conglomerate empire.

Harrison’s marketing company offers a vast amount of services including Website Design, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Product Placement, SEO, Press Releases, Video & Animation, Graphic Design, Printing, Promotional Products, Consulting & Business Funding. To see a full list of services visit his website at Promotionalproducts-services.com.

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