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How do photochromic lenses work

What are photochromic lenses?

Photochromic lenses are used in photochromic eyeglasses which are clear, transparent lenses. However, when they are exposed to sunlight, precisely the Ultraviolet rays, they tend to turn dark in colour. This is what makes the photochromic lenses unique with this special quality of changing the colour of the lenses.

Photochromic sunglasses or eyeglasses, they are called by both the name as per the convenience of the user. So when you are indoor and there is an absence of UV rays, the lenses of the Photochromic sunglasses will appear crystal clear and transparent. However, as soon as you will step outside in the sun, the lenses will react to the UV rays and they will darken to convert glasses into sunglasses.

What are the benefits of Photochromic sunglasses?

Call then Photochromic sunglasses or Photochromic eyeglasses are highly beneficial for the users. To sum up, the following are some of the benefits that you may derive from Photochromic lenses:

  1. Photochromic lenses save you from carrying two eyewear all the time. With Photochromic sunglasses, you need not carry eyeglasses and sunglasses at the same time. Because one pair of glasses can do the job of two pairs i.e. eyeglasses as well as sunglasses.
  2. Cost-saving is also one of the greatest advantages that Photochromic sunglasses offer.  This is because, when you buy a pair of Photochromic lenses, you need to invest only on one pair of eyewear and not two.
  3. The convenience offered by Photochromic sunglasses is noticeable since you do not have to switch between the eyeglasses and the sunglasses repeatedly.
  4. You get to enjoy prescription eyeglasses along with the sunglasses, therefore, you not only get the vision clarity but also protection from UV rays as well as glares.
  5. Forget the hassle of keeping an extra pair of glasses or sunglasses with you every time you move out or step inside the house.

Is buying Prescription sunglasses online difficult?

Buying Prescription sunglasses online is not a difficult task anymore until you have the convenience of using Specscart from the comfort of your home. Your requirement for Prescription sunglasses including designer sunglasses can be fulfilled from Specscart.  The prescription lenses from Specscart provide 99.99% protection from UV rays alongwith 30% enhanced vision clarity. Moreover, the clear lenses of the photochromic lenses smartly change into dark colours within fractions of seconds.

When you log into the website of Specscart, you are able to select hundreds of eyeglasses frames ranging from cat eyes, aviator, wayfarer, round, rectangle etc. in alluring shapes, sizes, patterns as well as designer sunglasses.

Moreover, when you choose to buy affordable Prescription sunglasses from Specscart, you get free of cost advanced coating of anti-glare, anti-UV and anti-scratch. You get to pay only for the frames and lenses while you get free protection coating without paying an extra penny. Besides, your need not wait for days, because Specscart ensures express dispatch within 24 hours of placing the order.

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