From parties and barbeques to corporate events and dinners, bottle opener keyrings come to your rescue more times than you can count. Thus, what better way to promote your brand than using the same keyrings?

Even though bottle opener keyrings might seem like an unlikely way to advertise your business, you’ll be surprised to see how useful they can be. They are small, cost-effective, and highly useful items that anyone can use. You can choose the customised bottle opener keyrings from a brand like CustomGear. Click here to see a wide range of promotional custom keyrings.

Tips for Choosing the Best Promotional Bottle Opener Keyrings

Bottle opener keyrings or keychains can be used to promote your brand. You just need to get creative to position your brand and message in an exciting way to generate quick interest among your audience. Here are some tips that work wonders.

Make Sure They Can Be Used Daily

An ideal custom gift is something that can be used regularly. Keyrings are an excellent gift as it can continuously draw your audience’s attention towards you. Moreover, it increases your chances of getting highlighted in conversations and other users’ interactions, which can promote your brand.

Quirky Designs

Hire excellent designers, and pitch the best and most unique designs for your key rings. Break the stereotypes and create some quirky and stylish designs; let them refer to your products in some or other way. Making quirky designs will allow people to remember your brand with the design, and they will correlate it with your brand wherever they see such shapes.


A keyring you give away as a promotional offering should always be of the best quality. While choosing the designs, you should keep in mind the durability of the key rings. Have a bunch of key rings brought in, and choose the one with the best materials as it shows how concerned you are about your products. They should always be sturdy; even though you are offering them as a promotional goodie. Never compromise on their quality.


This can be the most crucial consideration for any business offering some promotional goodies. Whether you are an established business looking to regenerate a spark among your audience or a new startup that wants to penetrate its audience’s everyday interactions, considering the budgetary implications is necessary.

Choosing designs that are quirky, excellent, and fit into your budget plan is an essential step. You will often come across various designs that will look exceptionally well, but you should always keep in mind your financial limits.

Promotional keychains are a good option, but they can also exceed your cost expectations if not selected properly. The materials you choose should be relevant to your brand, and also keep in mind the durability of the materials.

Whether you are a startup that wants to increase brand awareness or an established firm that intends to distribute some promotional keyrings at its exhibition, the above-listed tips will help you create a lasting impact on your audience.