How to Choose the Right 3PL Warehouse in the USA?

Among various issues an enterprise has to handle, storage space is one of the crucial ones. As the business grows, there will be less and less space to accommodate the increasing inventory. While enterprises can expand their warehouses and build new ones, it involves a lot of time and money. New employees will have to be hired to manage and maintain the warehouse. Security and safety are two other vital aspects to consider. And most importantly, not all locations are conducive to build new storage sites.

How should enterprises handle such issues? Is there a feasible and reliable way of storing inventory? Can the products be packed and shipped from a faraway warehouse with the utmost care? Is there a way to hand over logistics management to third-parties?

The answer is yes to all three questions. Every problem has a solution. We only need to be patient and search for one. With increasing market demands, many enterprises are facing trouble with limited storage space. This led to the rise in 3pl logistics providers who take the responsibility of storing, packaging, and shipping the products to their desired destinations.

Many companies in the US now offer third-party warehouse and logistics services for affordable prices. Compared to investing in building and maintaining a new warehouse, using the services of these companies is a cost-effective method. But another question arises at this stage. How does an enterprise choose 3pl warehouse in USA? Which of the companies offer the best services? What factors should the enterprise consider before finalizing a service provider?

We’ve got answers to these questions as well. Take a look below to read more about how an enterprise can choose a 3pl warehouse that meets its exact requirements.

Space and Volume of the Warehouse

Apart from having enough space to accommodate loads of products, the warehouse should be designed in a way to hold more stock that what seems possible. My neatly arranging and defining the positions of the products, limited space also can be used to store more goods. Space also depends on the size of the products and the frequency of their movement. If the products have to be shipped frequently, they should be stored in a way to fasten the shipping process.

Personnel- Availability and Expertise

The next factor to consider is the number of employees working with the company and their qualifications. If an enterprise manufactures products that need to be handled with care, the appointed personnel should understand the importance of extra caution and work accordingly. Are there enough employees to move the products in a short time? Are the employees experienced at the job? Do they know how to weigh, pack, and move the products from warehouses to delivery vehicles?

Location of the Warehouse

Where is the warehouse located? Is it accessible from your manufacturing unit? Can you visit the place whenever possible to check your stock? Is it located in any of the red zones marked for natural calamities? The location of the warehouse will also decide the cost incurred in moving products from manufacturing to storage and again to other distribution outlets.

Safety and Security Precautions

What safety and security arrangements does the company has in place to keep your stock safe. We have to factor both the physical security from intruders as well as protection from weather changes and natural calamities. Thick walls, strong doors and locks, CCTV cameras, authorized entry, biometric system, security personnel to stand guard, leak-proof roof, etc. are things an enterprise needs to ask about.

Warehouse Planning and Management

What kind of management system does the company use to keep track of the inventory stored in its warehouse? Is it using the latest software? Is it marking every product received? How transparent are the record books? Do the employees have everything under control? How long does it take to find the batch of products you need? How long does it take to move them?

Transportation Services

Companies that provide 3pl warehouse in USA also provide transportation services to ship the goods from the warehouse to the said destination. Enterprises need to be sure that transportation is reliable and has all the required permits as per the government norms. The experience of the drivers, their license information, their records, etc. is important to ensure that the stock will safely reach the destination without any issues. Enterprises have to make sure in advance if they have to pay extra for transportation or if it is included in the package services.

We recommended a personal visit to the warehouse. Talk to the manager and employees to see if the warehouse is suitable for the products manufactured by the enterprise. Shortlist a few companies and visit each of them before signing the dealing with a 3pl service provider!

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