How to get rid of bad smells in the refrigerator

 When you leave several items in the refrigerator for a long time, the refrigerator develops a nasty odor, and when you open it, you inhale an unpleasant odor? Is it true that ineffectively using chemicals or cleaning might harm a family’s health? Here are a few easy ways to clean and deodorize your refrigerator with only a few basic materials.

What causes the refrigerator to have a bad smell?

Due to rotting food in the refrigerator for a long time

Many households store enormous amounts of food in the refrigerator due to hectic schedules. Many different foods may get moldy and stinky if left out for too long. The rotting food will create numerous bacteria that are damaging to one’s health, as well as an unpleasant stench in the refrigerator. Simultaneously, rotting food degrades the quality of other meals in the refrigerator.

Food preservation

Vegetables and meat will be preserved in different ways. Because fish meat has a fishy odor, it should be covered or firmly wrapped before freezing. Because vegetables are perishable, they have a shorter storage life.

Some sections of the refrigerator are damaged

A refrigerator that has been in use for a long time may have faults in some of its components, causing it to malfunction. The absence of gas in the refrigerator, choking on the steam pipe, turning off the humidity, and damaged electrical wires are all typical mistakes. If you have a problem with your refrigerator, you should call the service center as soon as possible.

The refrigerator should not be cleaned

If your household keeps a lot of food in the refrigerator without cleaning it regularly, stains may form and unpleasant aromas will develop. Food that has been left out for an extended period can easily produce germs and spread to nearby foods.

How to get rid of smell in fridge

Lemon peel, orange peel

Deodorizing is one of the numerous uses for an orange peel or lemon peel. Because the lemon peel, like the orange peel, contains natural essences and has a distinct scent.

Keeping orange and lemon peels in the refrigerator corner is an efficient way to reduce smells. Fruits and vegetables that have been kept for a long time will lose their disagreeable scents.


Put a few teaspoons of vinegar in a dish or cup, seal it, and store it in the fridge. Vinegar has a strong antibacterial action, therefore it will successfully combat musty or fishy aromas in the refrigerator.

This is a staple in almost every kitchen. Use vinegar to deodorize refrigerators and other kitchen appliances; you’ll be surprised at the results.


Coffee may also be used to get rid of the refrigerator’s fishy odor. Save the grounds once you’ve finished brewing coffee and place them in a cheesecloth in the refrigerator.

Coffee’s inherent scent will help to eradicate smells from the fridge. Remove it and replace it with fresh coffee grounds after about 1-2 weeks.

Cleaning with lemon ly effective. They not only keep things clean, but they also aid to get rid of fishy smells. Lemon peel has natural essential oils that help eliminate refrigerator smells.

How to get rid of smell in fridge with baking soda

When you store a range of items in a large refrigerator daily, from vegetables to meat and fish, the refrigerator will readily produce germs and emit a strong stench.

Don’t worry, baking soda is a very efficient cleaning and deodorizing agent that many people use.

Put a few teaspoons of baking soda in a big dish with a plate and store it in the refrigerator.

Baking soda may also be used to deodorize your microwave. Use metal food containers to prevent smells, a modest piece vice for housewives.

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