How to Prepare a Killer Budget in 2019 to Save Big Money?

In this life of ours where we have to deal with the burden of numerous spending, saving seems nothing but a dream. Well, it is true that it is difficult to save some money in your pocket when you have enough already on your plate, but it is not impossible also. We all want to save money for our future and in fact, many people prepare a budget, but only a few of them are only able to control their urge to spend.

If you are also failing in getting along with your budget, then it’s time that you put something extra or take some effective steps. Here, in this blog, we have prepared a list of tips and suggestions that can help you in making your budget successful. So let us get started.

Useful tips and tricks to prepare an ideal budget

  1. Your reason for budgeting

Well, first and foremost, you need to determine the main reason why you are planning to prepare a budget. Yes! You want to save money, but the real question is saving for what?  Some may want to stick to the budget so that they are able to pay their bills online. On the other hand, some prepare a budget so that they can save some money for their holiday trip. You should know every people have their own reason for saving. So, you see the key to a successful budget is the reason.

  1. Don’t just stop by creating a budget

You must have prepared a budget many times in your diary, excel sheet or any other budget tool, and you followed it for a few days and stopped after that. It is important for you to understand that creating a budget is not going to work alone. You need to implement the budget effectively to the very last day you achieve your goal. No matter what happens, just try to stay on the right track if you really want to save some big money in your pocket.

  1. Know your exact source of income

By knowing your exact source of income, we mean not your annual salary in the company where you are currently working. You also need to include all the resources from where you are getting profits or money. This can be anything like your profits in the share market, your freelancing income, and any other source of your income. Also, one thing that you have to keep in mind is that don’t include your salary as a whole. You must be losing some in the side of income tax, so it is advised to exclude the amount and all other deductions as well.

  1. Save only when there is room

Preparing a budget doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice all those necessary things that you really need. It is true that savings are really important but that doesn’t mean you should start cutting from your daily need. As per your income, prepare a list of all your expenses and savings and if you see there is a space that you can add on your savings column, then go ahead. Try to be realistic as much as possible. If you are the tech geek who likes to get in touch with the latest technologies, then there would be no harm if you deduce something from that. And if you like to visit a pub every weekend or like to drink at your home, then you can get rid of that too. Well doing this will help you in your savings as well as keep you healthy.

  1. Be ready for any unexpected

Well, you can save accordingly with your daily expenses and for your future purposes, but what if you come across any unexpected situation like home repair, medical emergency, or car repairing. It would be good if you keep a part of your savings for any unexpected circumstances. If you are able to do it, then it’s a good thing. But, if you are not able to do it due to your financial limitations, then you can go for short term loans like 12 month loans with no guarantor where you won’t need any guarantor for support. There are many lenders out there in the market who can approve your application even if you don’t have a guarantor.

  1. Be with a crowd who supports you

In order to achieve any goal in our life, it is important to have the full support of people around us. You can discuss your budget plan with your partner, parents or your closest friend. Try to avoid being with extravagant people as you will likely get negative support and this kind of support will most probably make you abandon your plan. Therefore, be with the crowd who support you not be with some overspending crowd for whom savings and budget are all fairy tales words. If you really want to stick your budget, then you need to choose what kind of support is really going to help you reach your goal.

Wrapping up, in this life, where there is no full stop to expenses, the budget is something very necessary. Preparing a budget is not that difficult but the real challenge is to come up with an effective one and follow it strictly. With all the tips and tricks mentioned above, you will surely be able to make a huge impact on your budget provided you follow them effectively.


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