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How To Use Video Ads To Promote Your Boxing Gym

How To Use Video Ads To Promote Your Boxing Gym

Videos have become the flavor of life. And their reign is far from over. Posting videos on social media platforms and search engines like YouTube could just be the missing link to your boxing gym’s long-awaited success. Investing in a dependable online video editor could turn your low-quality video into a high-quality money-making asset. But remember, good things don’t often come easy. A lot of work and creativity is still necessary to achieve that sought-after Midas touch. First, you need to get the right video ad templates on the online video editor. Below are a few ways you can use video ads to promote your boxing gym today.

Tell Your Story

People tend to lose interest when you present them with a ton of facts and figures. This is where your creativity will come to life. You can weave the mountain of information into your own story. Since people like relatable content, you can share your facility’s background information or your own story as to what made you decide to open a boxing gym. If you can inspire at least one or two viewers then you might just look forward to new sign-ups and a greater online fan base.

Make ‘em Laugh

Humor is a universal language. A few jokes here and there can break the monotony from an otherwise unending video. A fitness instructional video doesn’t have to be blood, sweat, and tears from start to finish. You can incorporate a few puns here and there in the lesson names or during the narration to lighten the mood of your audience. In addition, you can introduce a funny character to make an appearance through some of the breaks between different exercise routines. This will ensure your audience is fully engaged and maybe even laugh through the fatigue of exercising.

The Shorter the Better

Have you ever been presented with an hour-long video and just sighed because you can’t see it ending any time soon? The general attention span of human beings is ever-dwindling therefore, they usually associate long videos with boredom. In addition to that, short videos are easier to comprehend and remember as compared to longer videos.

You should always try to limit the amount of sensory content that you want to present at a time. For complex topics, you can create a series of short videos to reduce the cognitive load of your viewers. A video that is more than 2 minutes is a tad too long and should probably be strategically trimmed.

Pick a Video Format Relevant To Your Topic

The perfect video format exists. Some formats work best depending on the story you want to share with the world. There’s a wide variety of formats to pick from, ranging from animations. These allow you to surpass the laws of physics to live-action videos. Both offline and online video editing tools like Promo allow you to create amazing, high-quality instructional videos in any format of your choice.

Go With a Professional Voiceover

If a video includes dialogue or narration, you might want to consider hiring a trained voiceover artist. While a normal narrator could be monotonous, a professional voice actor will use emphasis where necessary to express an idea or two.  A good online editor allows you to layer voiceovers onto your videos seamlessly and effectively. If unsure, you should seek help from a professional online video editor. Otherwise, view tutorials online to ensure the results are perfectly aligned.

Make It Personal

The best stories relate to your audience. Piquing their curiosity, their emotions, and their day-to-day challenges, thus engaging them. Technology today helps us better the patterns of different customers and the emotions that trigger the need to buy. Research shows that human beings trust their families, friends, and other customers when considering acquiring a certain item or service.

At the end of the day, business is personal. Customers take their hard-earned money to businesses they like and trust. You can showcase your regular members telling their stories and their overall fitness journey. If an audience sees that you can help them reach their desired goals, then they will sign up.

Use a Catchy Thumbnail and Description from Your Online Video Editor

Using catchy thumbnails for your video might be the hook you need to get people to view your video. You can also include trending keywords in your thumbnails. In addition, use video descriptions to ensure that they are fully optimized for search engines.

You could also include links to related videos and merchandise in your description. This is so that information about your boxing gym is only a click away.

Final Thoughts

With the right online video editor, equipment, and a well of creativity in your arsenal, nothing is stopping you from braving the turbulent waters of video marketing.  Go forth and create magic.

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