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Instructions to enter the BIOS on different computer models

The BIOS (short for Basic Input / Output System – the basic input / output system) is where many groups of instructions are stored on a motherboard Firmware chip that controls basic computer features such as customizing things. self hard drive, drive, usb when restarting operating system, check and run drivers of peripheral devices such as keyboard, USB, mouse, audio card, …

The most popular BIOS access keys for computers today F1, F2, F10, F12, DEL or ESC . However, you can distinguish according to the type of motherboard or the model to make it easier to know the BIOS access key:

List of BIOS access keys under the motherboard

List of BIOS access keys by model


Laptop HP – COMPAQ

Laptop ACER

Laptop ASUS


Laptop DELL

Laptop Alienware

Laptop Razer

Good luck!

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