Is The Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Light Fusion Red Worth Your Money?

The short answer is yes. If you’ve been following the latest Air Jordan releases, you agree that they rarely disappoint. The Air Jordan 1 (AJ1) frenzy started way back in 1985, with Michael Jordan wearing the first-ever red and black pair. From that time, Nike has treated their fans to dozens of AJ1 silhouettes in several color combinations.

The Latest AJ1

On June 12, 2021, the beloved shoe company dropped the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Light Fusion Red. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price at the date of release was USD$170. Notably, different retailers offer them slightly higher or lower prices, depending on the demand and availability of the shoe, as well as your area of residence.

Before purchasing these sneakers, you’d want to be sure whether or not they’re worth your money. To help you gauge whether it’s right for you. here are some features of the new Air Jordan 1:

  1. Vibrant Color

The AJI Light Fusion Red sneakers have a white base with eye-catching deep pink overlays and laser-orange Nike swoosh and ankle wrap. You can also spot some visually contrasting black accents on the laces, tongue tag, lining, and outsole.

Fashionistas confirm that bright colors positively influence your attitude and feelings. Thus, these sneakers are the perfect footwear for parties, clubs, road trips, and anything fun in general. You may also inspire your playmates through your confidence and unmistakable sense of humor.

Style them with dark trousers and versatile t-shirts devoid of much detail. You want a minimalistic outfit over such pop-colored shoes. Otherwise, it might be another case of color confusion.

  1. Premium Leather Upper

Leather shoes are very stylish, and Nike knows this fact very well. That’s why they used premium leather for these Retro High OG sneakers. By wearing them in public, you make a clear statement of your sense of style.

Additionally, leather makes your feet comfortable, regardless of the weather conditions. In summer, they don’t make you feel uneasily hot. Instead, they keep your feet cool. They’ll keep your feet warm during winter, too.

Moreover, leather is moisture-resistant. This means that you won’t wet your feet when walking on snow or under light showers. Leather is also tenacious. As such, you won’t worry about wear and tear.

  1. Perforated Toe Box

You understand how smelly the feet can get when you wear enclosed shoes. The unpleasant odor is usually a result of bacterial or fungi infection. These microorganisms thrive in sweaty conditions. Thus, by allowing air to circulate your feet, you prevent such diseases.

Fortunately, the toe box has tiny holes that let in the fresh air. From a medical point of view, this feature prevents your feet from developing fungus and other bacterial infections, keeping your feet healthy.

  1. Rubber Sole

What material is better than rubber for the soles? Probably none. Nike did it again, and you couldn’t ask for more.

Rubber is abrasion-resistant. As you walk, you rub the soles of your shoes against all sorts of materials. Rubber perfectly withstands all this friction. Thus, the Light Fusion Red AJI sneakers will last you several years without considerable wear and tear.

Rubber soles also protect your feet if you step on dangerous stuff, like broken glass, thorns, and acid. Additionally, their adequate shock-absorbance capability makes the sneakers comfortable even on the roughest of roads.

  1. Air Cushioning

On top of the rubber sole, the Air Jordan Light Fusion Red Sneakers feature the patented air-cushioned midsoles. This technology incorporates air into polyurethane foam. As you step on the ground, the foam absorbs the reaction forces so your feet don’t feel the impact. Furthermore, the foam gives you a slight energy boost with every step that you take.

  1. Branding

Finally, no one can ignore the elaborate deep-yellow Nike swoosh on the side planks. You also have another logo on the tongue that blends orange and deep pink in a smooth gradient that mimics the sunset. As if that’s not enough, there’s another black air Jordan wings logo at the ankle collar, a Nike swoosh on the rubber outsole, and Nike Air branding on the insole.

‘What’s the point of all these labels?’ You ask. It’s admirable to identify yourself with brands. Nike and Jordan are some of the most popular shoe brands globally. And you don’t want to be left behind in the hype. The Light Fusion Red AJ1 sneakers conspicuously broadcast your brand loyalty, and fellow fans will adore you for that.

Are They Worth Your Money?

There’s no denying that the revered Nike has once again lived up to its standards–the details above prove it. So, the ball is in your court now. Order your pair from your preferred retail outlet and enjoy the bliss.


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