Italian Furniture – A Style for Any Home

There’s no denying it – Italians have quality. Whether it’s food, clothes, cars, jewelry, or handbags, Italians always manage to impress.

It may come as no surprise, then, that interior design is one among Italy’s strong points. From the gorgeous and complex ceiling and wall designs of the Renaissance to the fascinating mosaics of the Roman Empire, interior design has been the attention of Italian life and culture for many years. Want to feature a dose of Italian style to your home? We’re here to spotlight the highest seven defining characteristics of Italian interior design to possess your space looking fabulous, Italian-style.

Combining Old with New

With such an upscale history, one focus of Italian Furniture design is to preserve the country’s past within architecture. once you roam the streets of any city or town in Italy, you’ll notice many older buildings. However, inside, you’ll be surprised to get furniture and style during a more modern approach.

Mixing up both old and new styles in interior design is extremely common for Italians.

If you don’t sleep in a gorgeous, aging, old building, don’t worry because you’ll still recreate these characteristics of Italian design. Have a search around antique markets and second-hand furniture stores for vintage furniture to feature a country touch to an up to date home.

 An ingenious Use of Space

If you’ve ever visited any locals in Italy, then you’ll remember that a lot of Italian homes tend to be pretty cozy. With many Italians living in high-rise block buildings, dwelling in an apartment with limited space is common. For this reason, Italians are the masters of making space and may transform a little room into a neighborhood that appears light, spacious, and airy. Through the thoughtful placement of furniture, lighting, and other architectural tips and tricks, Italians can easily create an area that feels large, bright, and generous.

The Living Kitchen

What’s a living kitchen, you’ll wonder? Well, it’s exactly because it sounds. In Italian culture, the kitchen has expanded over the years to become somewhere to relax in and socialize, not just somewhere to cook, clean, and work. The heart of the house, the kitchen is where the family gathers at the top of a tiring working day to talk, make food, and relax together.

Create your own living kitchen within the home by placing seating within the room to encourage people to remain and socialize. Why not try your hand at some authentic homemade Italian pasta to embrace the concept fully?

Smart Lighting

Lighting may be a big part of Italian interior design. However, there isn’t one formula or style for selecting lighting in Italian décor. Rather, the design of lighting is tailored to suit the precise style of architecture of the house or property.

If you reside in a city apartment, a big, dramatic, and sparkling chandelier may be a good way to stress the peak of the flat. Or to make a mild, diffused, and soft light, consider placing several floor and table lights within the room.


While Italians don’t embrace minimalism to the extent say the Japanese or Scandinavians do, less is usually more in Italian interior design. Today, Italian homes tend to supply an easy, clean, and uncomplicated feel. Unlike their ancestors, who enjoyed decorating the house with many ornaments and figurines, today’s generation prefers to stay items safely stowed away.

Clean and tidy is preferred, so, as mentioned, Italians make use of the space by incorporating concealed storage spots to assist hide clutter. Any furniture chosen should justify its place within the home, with a clear use.

In many Italian homes, some pieces will often serve quite one function to supply efficiency. for instance, there could also be a settee that transforms into a bed or a cushy chair that gives storage within its arms and base.

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