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Keep Your Bike Running Better for Longer With These Maintenance Tips

You love riding your Harley Davidson motorcycle and enjoying Australia’s open spaces with power, high-performance acceleration, and that unique sound. While a little wind going through your hair does wonders, so does following recommended Harley Davidson services schedules. Plus, a little tender love and care here and there never hurts.

Keep in mind that owning the bike also comes with responsibilities, such as keeping up with regular maintenance and service. You have probably gotten advice from service Harley Davidson experts and read commentaries from online groups. Listen to them. Be proactive and commit to the following maintenance part—taking care of the bike and it will take care of you on the road!

Check the wheels

Regular tire inspection keeps you from running into trouble. Depending on how much you ride the bike, if the Harley is your device for daily use, check your tires at least once weekly. Before taking on a long cross-country trip, check the tires every day—perhaps even two times a day, to be sure.

The bike manual contains recommended pressure amounts that are easy to monitor using a quality gauge. The suggested psi is usually for cold tire pressure, so check pressure at least after an hour after your last ride. Service Harley Davidson professionals recommend checking the tire tread to ensure high-performance on the road and in poor weather.

Keep your Harley hydrated with engine oil

Recommended Harley Davidson services involve changing the engine oil on a set schedule. Since the oil does many things in the engine, you must change it on time and keep it at correct levels. However, oil-changing timeframes may change depending on the bike’s age, the oil you are using, and how far you’ve ridden.

Engine oil requirements are likely to change, for instance:

Ensure air filter is clean

When riding on the dusty back roads, or even through construction projects, check the air filter. Replacing the air filter is one of the most critical service Harley Davidson steps to keeping the engine safe from damaging particles such as dirt.

Your riding environment dictates how often filter-changing is required. This maintenance task is usually completed during service intervals and should be part of your ongoing maintenance plan. A clogged or dirty air filter affects Harley’s fuel economy and engine performance.

Find an excellent mechanic to work your ride

While some maintenance tasks are easy enough for you to handle on your own, other items on the list are best left to qualified Harley Davidson services experts. Who better to perform maintenance work on your bike than the certified mechanics at Gasoline Alley Harley-Davidson? For questions and queries about your Harley’s service, please reach out to the professionals via their website and find the number to their closest shop to you.

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