Mind-Blowing Facebook Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Realtor’s and real estate agents utilize several kinds of platforms to connect with hundreds of people.

With the availability of tools and the size of access, it becomes a bit much easier to get leads in comparison to previous times.

But, despite having all the tools and access, the effectiveness of these things will still depend on the Realtor’s or real estate agent’s methods and ways to get leads and possible clients. If you are looking for the most effective, reliable, and efficient steps to boost your marketing on social media, especially Facebook, then, you have come to the right place.

Facebook has become a very powerful platform for many realtors and real estate agents. With millions, and even billions, of users across the globe, it is not impossible to obtain leads using the right marketing strategies.

So, what strategy and ideas are the best ones to do to have working, functional, and fully-converting marketing ways? Here are some points that you may want to consider:

  • Create Business Page

Websites are essential for every type of business. But, while they are important and beneficial, having a business page on Facebook is seemingly the next best step that you can do after organizing and finalizing your website.

Your business page will serve as your official “site” on the social media platform. Through this, users across the globe may access your “site” and learn all about your business even without going to your official website.

One great example of this is Cash for Homes. It is a venture that focuses on home and property listings. Apart from their official website, they have their own business page on Facebook, allowing more leads to get to know more about their exact offerings and services.

  • Update Facebook Profile Picture and Cover Image

Upon creation of the business page, the next step that you must do is to upload the appropriate cover image and profile photo. These materials should easily represent your brand and your service. This is why most business pages carry their own logos on these aspects of the page.

For realtors and real estate agents, though, you may utilize photos of your company or yourself (if you are offering your own services as an expert). You may also include your contact details on the cover image or anything that will immediately provide information about what you are doing or offering to the public. Just ensure to have pictures and photos that are professional-looking.

  • Avoid Misleading or Deceptive Cover Image

While you can place any photo that you want on your cover image, make sure that you do not mislead your audience. As mentioned, keep it professional. But, you should also make it smart, direct, and catchy.

Your cover image provides the overall tone of your page as it will be the first one to appear when going to the “site.” So, it must provide the “first impression” that you want for your business or company or even service.

  • Create Facebook Tabs & CTA

Tabs and CTAs are great tools on Facebook Pages that you should start utilizing. The platform offers variations of these tools to cater to the overall feel and tone of your page or site.

For tabs, you may organize the content of your page by adding them. For instance, you have listings on your page that you want your audience to know. You may do a separate tab for it, naming it with “Open Listings” or any of the like to help your viewers and visitors.

CTAs are buttons that will allow you to drive traffic to specific landing pages or websites. Facebook now offers CTAs for “Send Message,” “Contact Us,” “Learn More,” and even “Apply Now.”

  • Respond to Comments

Comments are great avenues that realtors and real estate agents should take seriously. Comment sections are where most viewers and visitors express their thoughts and ask their questions.

Every time you receive a comment on one of your posts, make sure to respond as soon as possible. Every comment you receive on your page is already a step forward to converting the involved user as an official lead to your business or service.

In writing comments, though, make sure to answer directly the questions, and make it all concise and direct. But, if more information is needed, you may suggest making separate contacts outside the platform, like email or phone calls, to discuss the concerns further.

  • Focus on Local Interests

When utilizing Facebook Pages, you should have a focal point of interest. Considering that your “site” can reach millions of people around the globe, ensure to have a brand that will pique the interest of the locals because this is your target area.

  • Allow Reviews on Your Facebook Page

If you want your audience to have an idea of how you do business or how you work on deals outside social media or in person, you may want to allow reviews on your page. Reviews from actual clients and customers will help other people obtain information about you, your company, your brand, and your service.

Final Thoughts

It is not easy to have a very effective set of marketing strategies that will always work. This is true for all industries, not only in the world of real estate.

But, all the given points above, which all focuses on marketing steps on Facebook, are proven and tested already. It may not work every hour or every minute of the day but, these things work, especially when viewed in the larger picture.


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