Myopia is a condition in which the eye has difficulty seeing objects at infinity. Myopia, also known as “nearsightedness” and less commonly, “short-sightedness”, causes distant objects to appear blurry while close ones can be seen clearly. This occurs due to light entering into one’s eyes along an oblique angle. As a result, the focal point of light entering into one’s eyes is in front of their retina. Smile Lasik for Myopia is one of the effective treatments, and in this article, we will tell you why you should consider SMILE LASIK for this disease.

What is SMILE LASIK Surgery?

SMILE LASIK surgery creates a less-intrusive flap than the traditional method. The surgeon uses an advanced laser to create this tiny flap in just seconds, making it possible for doctors to do corrective procedures that were not available before using the SMILE technique. Compared to conventional corneal transplants or other forms of corrective surgery, SMILE LASIK is more precise, and the risks are lower than ever before.

Traditional LASIK surgery uses a blade to cut the flap in your cornea. The SMILE procedure is completely different because it does not use a knife or blade at all. The SMILE procedure uses an advanced laser to create the corneal flap, making it possible for your surgeon to perform LASIK surgery without causing any damage with a blade. The use of this technology makes it easier and safer than ever before.

Here are the reasons why you should consider SMILE LASIK for Myopia:

Less Invasive:

SMILE LASIK for Myopia is less invasive than traditional flap-based techniques. Instead of making a large cut in your cornea, SMILE uses a very small “keyhole” incision which means no stitches and no pain after the procedure. The anaesthesia required for this technique is minimal as well, meaning that you will wake up after your surgery feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Safe Procedure:

The SMILE LASIK for Myopia is a safe and effective procedure to treat Myopia or nearsightedness. The risk of complications such as dry eyes, glare/halo effect around lights at night (halos), regression (the need for glasses after surgery) is very low when the SMILE LASIK procedure is performed by an experienced surgeon.

Little to No Pain:

SMILE LASIK for Myopia is a painless procedure, and it typically takes less than five minutes for both eyes.


The SMILE LASIK for Myopia is a fast and efficient procedure that takes less than five minutes to complete, reducing the total time spent in surgery as compared with LASIK or other traditional methods of Myopia correction. It also causes minimal discomfort during and after the procedure due to its use of advanced technology such as femtosecond lasers.

Faster Recovery Process:

Recovery time after SMILE LASIK for Myopia is about a week. Most people can return to work within approximately one day and resume normal activity (including exercise) in as little as two weeks.

Many patients who have undergone SMILE LASIK for Myopia are very satisfied with their results. If you are looking for myopia treatment, talk to your doctor regarding this surgical option.