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Six reasons you should use a storage facility

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Hoarding is a huge problem today for many homeowners. We often possess many more belongings than we need, and a minimalist lifestyle is a rarity. It becomes problematic when we no longer have the space in our homes to keep all these possessions.

Yes, the ideal practice should be to eliminate all unnecessary belongings; but often, some things cannot be discarded. Similarly, sometimes extra temporary storage becomes necessary. In all such scenarios, a common solution most people seek is self-storage units.

You can use a storage facility to get some extra space to stow away possessions you don’t have enough space to keep. Such storage units are available in varying sizes and can be rented on a short-term or long-term basis.

There are several reasons you should consider renting a storage facility when the need arises, and the following are just some of them:

1. Renting self-storage guarantees safety

Security is the biggest concern when handing over your valuable possessions to someone else. Many belongings that need to be stored away are costly and require additional security. If, for instance, you are moving to a new home and decide to keep your furniture in some other storage space, your primary concern would be security.

Renting a storage unit guarantees security; storage service providers design units for this purpose and take responsibility for your valuables. These storage units often have a strong security system with cameras, personal alarms, and more.

Burglaries are a common concern when you are away from home for a long time. There is also a threat that hazards like lightning or fire will escalate and cause more damage than necessary when you aren’t around to respond. To address most security-based scenarios, using a storage facility when you intend to go on an extended trip is an excellent idea.

2. Storage facilities are convenient to use

Most storage service providers allow 24/7 access so you can return your possessions whenever you want, even if it is late at night. You have the entry code to the building and the key to your storage unit, so you can access it whenever you need to.

Lease options for storage units are also very convenient in most cases. You can rent them for a few days or every month. You can end your rental agreement quickly, often with a week’s notice. Booking is easy; most service providers also allow online renting by email, phone, or customer portal.

Many also provide moving tools needed to move your belongings to the rental space.

3. You get extra storage space

Often it is not practical to clutter your living space with items you don’t presently need but cannot discard. Homeowners who have tiny homes that cannot accommodate all their possessions can significantly benefit from self-storage services.

You can easily rent a storage unit that meets your requirements. Most service providers offer units as small as personal lockers and as big as entire rooms. To decide which size is best for you, begin by listing down all the items you intend to store, estimate the number of boxes you need, and use a size guide to get an approximate size that would be best for you.

Since storage units are available in all sizes, you don’t have to spend extra when you only need a little additional space and don’t have to worry about having too many things to keep in a self-storage unit.

Whenever you need additional storage space, and however much you need it, you can find a suitable storage unit to rent.

4. You can use it for temporary storage purposes

Sometimes all you need is a place to keep your belongings until your new home is settled or until your new office space is ready to move into. Self-storage units provide the ideal solution to this dilemma because their contracts are often on a short-term basis.

Unlike other options, such as housing contracts, self-storage can also be rented monthly. Such self-storage is even more suitable when moving homes because you can rent portable storage units carrying your belongings to the new house.

Similarly, if your home is being renovated and you don’t have an alternate place to keep your belongings, you can rent a suitable storage space for a month or two until your house is ready.

5. You can use it to downsize as you near retirement

As you head towards retirement, you might not be able to afford a large house and might have to downsize. Or you might wish to move in with close family or friends and no longer have the space to store away precious belongings. Either way, you need a place to store belongings that cannot be discarded.

Ideally, downsizing should include eliminating unnecessary items, donating or selling things you can go without, and minimizing your lifestyle. But there are still things you cannot get off your hands and need to store.

In this situation, you can rent storage units to stow away furniture, sentimental possessions, or personal belongings you intend to pass on to your children. With a storage unit to serve this purpose, you can rest assured that your belongings are secure.

6. Self-storage serves many purposes for business owners

When you start a new business and aren’t yet fully established, it is unlikely that you have enough office space to store all your assets; keeping everything in your office space might unnecessarily clutter the place and ruin the aesthetic.

Storage units are a good solution; you can rent a storage space to keep your merchandise, raw materials, and stock.

In addition to using a storage unit simply for ‘storage,’ you may even use it as an office with a workstation or use the storage space photography; the possibilities are endless.

Final words

Not everything you own can be stored in your living or office space. Sometimes, additional storage space becomes a must, whether temporary or long-term. The common solution to this dilemma is to rent a storage unit.

Storage units are available in several sizes, and it isn’t hard to find one that meets your needs. If you need additional storage space, do consider renting a self-storage unit. These storage spaces guarantee security, are convenient to use, serve temporary storage purposes, are perfect for downsizing, and can be put to good use in businesses.

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