Something Wrong with the Transmitter of Your Electric Garage Door?

An electric garage door is a frequently used mechanism used in many homes. It is an asset along with luxury. The transmitter plays an important role in enhancing the overall functionality of the door. In case it is not in a proper working condition, then it requires immediate repair.

An electric garage door is among the heaviest and largest pieces of moving equipment in a home. Frequent testing along with utmost care will enhance the overall functionality of the door. It is the lack of maintenance that results in the malfunctioning of the door. Getting in touch with the right type of electric garage door repair professional will help.

What Results in an Improper Functioning of the Transmitters?

The transmitter plays an important role in making the electric garage door function smoothly. If there is any issue with it, then it may affect the overall functionality of the door. Numerous reasons may hinder the performance of the transmitters.

Being out of range of your garage door is the most common reason. Both garage door and transmitter depend on each other. In case you are trying to open your garage door prior reaching the front of house, then there are chances that you are very far away from the focal point.

Rather than being in a panic, it is good to wait until the driveway hits the transmitter button. Giving a call to a professional electric garage door repair mechanic will be the last resort.

What is the Right Time to Check the Antenna?

Are you within the range? Still the door is not opening? Yes! Then better check the antenna. It must be hanging down or facing some obstruction. As a result, it is becoming difficult to receive the signal for opening and closing the garage door.

It is better to remove any type of obstruction. Any damage to the antenna also hinders the functionality. In such a situation, it is preferable to give a call to your electric garage door repair technician to replace the existing piece with a new one.

Is the Battery of Your Transmitter Dead?

If the battery of your dead, then better replace it with a new one at the earliest! As the removal requires special types of tools, it is better to get in touch with the right type of technician skilled in the process of electric garage door repair.

Changing the Frequency of the Garage Door, Another Solution!

Changing the frequency of the garage door by reprogramming the transmitter may help in sorting out the problem of the transmitter. You may consult the manual to come across specific instructions to solve the problem. The steps to follow for reprogramming the transmitter are mentioned below:

  • Pressing and holding the learn button for few seconds until the indicator light starts blinking.

Once the indicator starts blinking, the remote button must be pressed gently for reprogramming the remote

  • The process may vary based on the specific door model of the garage. If you are facing any problem even after consulting the users-manual, then better take help of an electric garage door repair professional. You will be recommended some tips that will help in enhancing the functionality of your garage door.

Is the Garage Door Opening and Closing Randomly?

There are times when the electric garage door is opening and closing randomly even after replacing the antenna or without hitting the button.  The only possible solution to such an issue is to replacing the entire unit by trained hands of expert electric garage door repair professionals. They will be able to recommend the most suitable option that will match your house.


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