[Successful] How to fix the dns_probe_finished_nxdomain error is simple

What is the error dns_probe_finished_nxdomain?

DNS_Probe_Finished_Nxdomain on the computer is a fairly common error in Chrome browser in general and other browsers.

At that time, the internet still had and the correct URL, but the website could not upload and showed the error “dns_probe_finished_nxdomain”.

The cause of the DNS_Probe_Finished_Nxdomain error is an error in finding DNS information. The two ways to show DNS errors are DNS Probe Finished Nxdomain or DNS_Probe_Finished_Nxdomain.

5 ways to fix the error dns_probe_finished_nxdomain

1. Clear the DNS cache

For speedy domain resolution, the computer looks at the stored DNS cache. If there is a frequent problem with this cache, then clearing the cache will probably fix the problem you’re having in your browser.

The steps to clear DNS cache are summarized as follows:

– Click the Windows logo to open the start menu and type CMD to open Command Prompt

– Enter the Flush DNS command as follows:


2. Renew the IP address

If the above method does not work, then you can do the following to clear the DNS cache more effectively.

With HDH Windows

Open Command Prompt with administrative rights and operate each command as follows:

You can release the current IP with the following command:

ipconfig / release

To clear the DNS cache, enter the following command:

ipconfig / flushdns

To renew your IP address enter the following command:

ipconfig / renew

Enter the following command to restore IP configuration and reset Winsock Catalog.

netsh int ip set dns

netsh winsock reset

After finishing entering the command, restart the computer.

People use the above way to get a new IP address and restore Winsock on the system. Winsock recovery is useful because it is responsible for controlling queries from the Internet application and you may need to do so after a while.

With HDH macOS

Here’s how to release and renew IP addresses on macOS:

Go to System Preferences and click on the Network button

Select your internet connection and click Advanced

Go to the TCP / IP tab and click on the Renew DHCP Lease button

Click OK and then restart your computer

3. Disable VPN and Antivirus

VPN and Antivirus play a particularly important role when joining the internet. To fix DNS_Probe_Finished_Nxdomain error, try to turn off VPN and Antivirus first. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Run => Control Panel

Step 2: Click “Network Connection” => Existing connection list appears

Step 3: Select “Change settings of this connection” to turn off VPN

Step 4: Click “Networking”

Step 5: Click   “Uninstall”

Step 6: Restart the computer so that the VPN is completely disabled

4. Change the DNS server to Google DNS server

If clearing the Cache is not effective, users can change DNS server to Google DNS server. Because, DNS Probe error is most likely caused by a DNS server error. Alternative servers like Google or OpenDNS   often have faster and more reliable domain name resolution. Steps to change DNS server:

Step 1: Go to Windows => open the Control Panel Menu

Step 2: Select Network and Sharing Center

Step 3: Menu bar on the left side => open Change Adapter Settings => existing network line appears

Step 4: Select running connection

Step 5: Select Properties

Step 6: Go to Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4)

Step 7: Click the Properties button

Step 8: There are 2 places to enter DNS address

Step 9: Change the DNS server address to Google DNS address and

Step 10: Click OK

5. Restart DNS Client

Windows computers use something called DNS Client to help browsers resolve domain names. You can try to restart the DNS Client service and see if that helps to get rid of the error “This site can’t be reached” in the browser.

B1: Press Win + R to open the Run dialog box, type services.msc and press Enter.

B2: On the resulting screen, find the service with the content DNS Client, right-click on this service and select Restart.

Note: Before performing the above steps, make sure the network connection is still working well, by using another laptop to check if there is a network or not.


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