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Symbolism of Women’s Jewelry

Why for so many centuries, have we been crazy about jewelry? What does attract us to jewelry and make us believe in its secret powers? Rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are an integral part of a human image. We wore them thousands of years ago and we still do it today. For many people, jewelry means more than just a way to look attractive. It protects, brings luck, and can even tell the secrets of the person who wears it. Let’s talk about the meanings embedded in popular jewelry.

Significance of Precious Metals

Gold is a symbol of the Sun, immortality, wealth, and power. Crowns and sacred items were made of gold. Interestingly, in Christianity, gold has a dual meaning. On the one hand, it means pure light and blessing, on the other hand – idolatry. In the philosophy of Buddhism, Chinese alchemy, and among the Aztecs, gold represents light and illumination. The yellow precious metal will suit energetic, fun-loving, and bold individuals. They appreciate luxury and want to look a million bucks.

At all times, silver has been associated with the Moon. People believed that this metal is a good defense against evil forces. If you have ever watched movies about werewolves and witches, you know that for them, silver is death. There is one more reason why people love and respect this whitish metal – it has healing properties and is able to kill germs. Silver is a choice of elegant women who’d like to bring a dash of mystery to their image. They are confident, calm, and in harmony with themselves.

Symbols Found in Women’s Rings

Now that you know which metal will resonate with your inner self, let’s take a look at the top 7 the most popular symbols in jewelry in general and rings in particular.

Infinity Sign

The sign of infinity is a symbol of possibilities, knowledge, and faithful love. Infinity consists of two rings, i.e. female and male energies of Yang and Yin intertwined to form one organic whole. A gift with the symbol of infinity has a profound meaning. Couples in love often choose infinity rings to emphasize unity and loyalty.

If you look closely at the infinity sign, you will see that it looks like a tilted eight. The Greeks considered it to be a sign of harmony. The people of China believe that eight brings good luck. Among the Jews, it is a symbol of God. They say that jewelry with this symbol is chosen by people who are not used to giving up.


Traditionally, a key is a symbol of mystery, unknown, and new knowledge. A key pendant is often given to students to help them gain knowledge and boost their intelligence. On top of that, a key safeguards against envy.


An anchor is a sign of stability. In Christianity, together with a cross, is a symbol of hope and faith.


The meanings of the stars vary depending on their shapes and the context. In general, the five-pointed start denotes the five human senses, and the center of the star is the sixth sense, intuition.


Seashell is a romantic and mysterious symbol. The spiral of a shell represents the circle of life and the path that repeats. One more meaning is femininity because a shell is associated with the goddess Aphrodite.


Four-leaf clovers are a symbol of good luck. Each of the petals has its own meaning: faith, hope, love, and luck.


Wings embody spirituality and freedom. Often, they speak of protection and patronage. If you want to show a person that you care, a wing ring is the best way to do so.

Why Give Jewelry with a Meaning?

When you pick a gift for a person you cherish, you invest not only your money in it but also your thoughts, wishes, and a special message. Together, they help symbols acquire their strength.

There are three main reasons why jewelry enhanced with symbolism is a good gift for those who you love:

Accessories that have a philosophic meaning are a good way to bring harmony to your style. Not only that but they are able to enhance good personality traits that you cherish and tone down the negative ones. To some extent, symbols incorporated in jewelry are talismans. If you believe in their powers, they will guide you and protect from adversity. In case you don’t believe in anything mystical, they look good if nothing else.

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