Tablet Vs. Smartphone What to Choose?

The world today is getting digital, making our life simpler and convenient than ever before. It started off with the gigantic size computers and today the same amount of processing power and advanced features are available in the palm of our hand, thanks to the advanced technology. So, if you are looking forward to buy a portable touch screen device, you might be wondering which one to buy: Tablet or Smartphone?

Amateurs usually believe that the only different between Tablet and Smartphone is the size of the device. But, there are many other things that differentiate both these devices. This includes ease of use, portability, cost and its features. A Smartphone is a technologically advanced phone with larger touch screen and can be used by one hand. Tablet is a touch screen device with screen size of over 7 inches. It comprises almost all the functions and features of desktop computer and it is portable and lighter. No matter which device you choose to buy ensure to check the online coupons and Amazon coupon codes for today to get discounts on varied models of Tablet and Smartphone devices.

How to Choose Between Tablet and Smartphone?


The size of the screen is inversely comparative to its portability. The thumb rule is that any device with screen size lower than 5.6 inches is referred as Smartphone. The smart devices with screen size ranging from 5.5 inches to 7 inches are referred as Phablets, while tablets usually come with the screen size larger than 7 inches. However, this definition keeps on changing depending upon the manufacturer and the market where it is sold. The screen size of Smartphone devices has increased to a greater extent over time and hence you may see larger screen Smartphone in future. So, in terms of portability Smartphone always excels. But, to free up your hands you need to have a case or small bag for your tablet.


Media is referred to anything from photos to audio files to movies and full HD videos. Since the size of Smartphone is compact, you will find no difficulty carrying it in your pocket and enjoy your favourite media on the go using hands free device. But, due to the compact size screen, Smartphone devices are not any fun when watching any video or movie.

So, in this case Tablets always win as it has larger screen size over 7 inches and it offers the best viewing experience of movies and media files on the go.

Messaging and Calling

Smartphone devices do have the basic functions like messaging and calling and the remaining features are auxiliary. Smartphone devices can be used for multitasking, media and gaming along with messaging and calling functions.

Very few models of tablets have provision to make calls and send messaging. It uses the telecom service providers to offer the users with mobile data connections to make calls and send text messaging. So, you are not always required to rely on Wi-Fi. But, it looks awkward when you hold a gigantic size tablet in your hand to make calls or send messages.

The Features

Well, the features of the Smartphone depend on the overall cost of the device. The expensive Smartphone models do come with faster processor, better camera setup, huge memory storage and more. Smartphone comes with a variety of features and functions from basic cameras to augmented reality function. But, you will also find economical Smartphone devices with basic features.

Similarly, when it comes to Tablet the features vary depending upon the cost and price. The expensive tablets do have almost all the functions of a laptop or desktop computer but in compact size. But you may also find the basic models of tablets that have only the basic functions and features.


Smartphone helps us to organize our life in general and allows you to set reminders for all important events. But, it lacks in many creative options and functions that tablets come with. Tablets come with sophisticated and advanced functions and applications. It has styluses that can help make most out of your creative skills. Surface Pen and Apple Pen are the finest examples for tablets. If you are looking for something that can help you hone your art skills, then tablet is the best option for you to purchase.

Camera Setup

Smartphone usually comes with better setup of camera. Today the expensive Smartphone models have higher resolution cameras and some models even have quad camera setup which you won’t find with any tablet. Smartphone models have both front facing camera and rear camera setup, while tablets only have one camera setup at back. Cameras in Smartphone and Tablets are more than an accessibility tool. Today it is used to scan bar codes and help indentifying the household items. Cameras are also used to read mails and print text or do scanning of documents.

So, having better resolution of camera is necessary and this is where Smartphone devices excel because Smartphone comes with better setup and resolution cameras than tablets. If you are passionate about clicking every moment with higher clarity, choose high end Smartphone devices.


The costing of these devices is usually proportional to its brand value and features included in the device. So, the high end Smartphone devices and tablets would cost you more than the basic models with fewer features. The economical devices are quite affordable, but it lacks in high end functions and features that you find with costly devices.

Tablets are always cheaper and affordable than Smartphone and this is because of the fact that they are not sold as fast as Smartphone. Tablets have fewer features than Smartphone and it is not portable like Smartphone. So, people prefer buying Smartphone more than a tablet today. Due to this fact the cost of tablets is always minimal than Smartphone.

So, these were some of the differences between Smartphone and Tablet. Depending upon your needs and budget you have to make the selection. But ensure to check online for Amazon or Flipkart coupon code for new user to avail discounts on your next purchase of tablet and Smartphone.

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