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Have you ever seen lakes sparkling in the sun, reflecting antelope herds rushing past in their waters? How mighty cones of sleeping volcanoes crash into the vast sky, and steam swirls over the hot springs? How tall grasslands alternate with dense forests, and wide plains – with huge rocks? And all these unearthly landscapes are adjacent to the sandy coast, coral islands, and ancient settlements. It sounds incredible, but all these riches are in one country – Tanzania Safari. Let’s start.

The unique nature is the main asset of the country. It is not in vain that there are as many as 15 national parks and reserves in which many documentaries about wildlife are shot. Tours to Tanzania Safari are your chance to encounter the pristine nature of Africa, to see with your own eyes the inhabitants of the local fauna, including the Big Five, as well as get acquainted with the history and cultural heritage of indigenous tribes and relax in paradise beach resorts.

What national parks in Tanzania Safari are worth a visit?

  • Serengeti Park. Here you can see elephants, lions, buffalos, rhinos and leopards – representatives of the “Big African Five”. Also in the park, there are giraffes, antelopes, zebras and many other species of animals. Serengeti is so huge (about 15 thousand sq. Km) that it is the only national park in the world where natural seasonal migrations occur.
  • Ngorongoro Biosphere Reserve. This is the largest volcanic caldera in the world, inside of which there is a whole world: forests, fields, a lake, and a river, as well as about 30,000 animals.
  • Lake Manyara Park (Manyara Lake). A unique place where dense forests, cliffs, and hot springs coexist. It is especially interesting here to watch the lions that hunt, climbing high acacias.
  • Arusha Park. This small (only 137 sq. Km) national park is unique in that in its forests you can meet a rare monkey, the eastern colobus, which lives on trees. There are also such pearls of Tanzania Safari as Lake Momella, Mount Meru and Ngurdoto Crater.

Holidays in Tanzania Safari are not only safari in national parks but also an incredible chance to get acquainted with the culture of African tribes and the sights of the colonial era. There are many monuments of Arab domination on the coast and islands, and the city of Stone Town, for example, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Trips to Tanzania Safari are also popular with beach lovers. Beaches with dazzling white soft sand and turquoise water are located on the Zanzibar archipelago. Here you can relax lying on a deck chair with a cocktail in hand, go snorkeling or diving, looking at the most beautiful coral reefs and marine life. And you can combine all this with excursions, including the sea. It is important to know that reefs off the coast of Zanzibar, as a rule, are located far from the coast, therefore they do not interfere with a comfortable entry into the water.

To buy a tour to Tanzania, refer to the calendar: July-October and December-March are considered the high season for holidays in the north of the country and Zanzibar, it is better to go to the south in June-October, and to the west from December to March and from May to October.

Active rest

In addition to excursion programs and beach vacations, Tanzania Safari can offer its guests a lot of entertainment, including sports: diving, rafting, paragliding, safari, trekking, deep-sea and freshwater fishing, as well as golf, hot-air ballooning and all kinds of beach and water competitions sports.

Safari. The choice of safaris is diverse: morning, day and night classic safaris, eco-safaris, safari along unprecedented routes, sea safaris, balloon and camel safaris, horse safaris, mountain bike safaris, canoes, boats.

Canoe Available at Arusha National Park. This is a special kind of safari. In some cases, this is the only way to get close to elephants, hippos, view near crocodiles, and birds that accumulate on sandy shores.

A boat safari on the rivers and lakes of Tanzania Safari is a fun way to watch wildlife. During river safaris, it is convenient to watch animals that came to the watering-place, as well as crocodiles and hippos from a very close distance. Water safaris can be arranged in the Selous hunting reserve.

On the crystal clear Lake of Tanganyika, you can organize a water safari on the Dow sailing boat to watch the life of the gorillas – the largest and friendliest primates on earth.

You can also ride a horse or camel on the African savannah, admiring the beauty of the local Masai villages and animals: antelopes, zebras, giraffes.

Hiking safaris across African forests and savannas are an opportunity to get closer to nature and feel its smells and sounds, to see the smallest animals and insects. People and animals are separated by several meters on this journey, and accompanying experienced guides monitor the safety. Walking can last from several hours to a full day with picnics in nature.

Finally, flying in balloons over national parks at low altitude will allow observing animals in their natural habitat without disturbing them with the noise of motors and without attracting their attention.

Paragliding (paragliding). This is not just parachuted jumps, but a real wing flight using the energy of ascending air currents. You can see the aerial view of Mount Usambara, the Great East African Rift Valley, the hills and the volcano Meru. Unfortunately, flights over national parks are prohibited. But you will have many other opportunities to take a “walk.”

You can get to know the underwater world closer by snorkeling, diving or fishing.

You can also climb Kilimanjaro or raft down the White Nile.

Nightlife Nightlife

lovers can head to the noisy Arusha With many restaurants, cafes, bars, casinos and nightclubs. In Dar es Salaam, there are several nightclubs, cabarets, and theaters, as well as a casino. The best casino in the city is Sea Cliff Casino. Nightlife centers are concentrated mainly in upscale hotels and restaurants.


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