The 10 Best Strategies Right for your WordPress Blog in 2020

It is no secret that WordPress is the best CMS out there. Here is a guide on top SEO strategies that will take your WordPress blog to a whole new level as far as traffic is concerned.

The popularity of WordPress is indisputable. That explains why almost 30% of the already existing websites use the same platform and avail the best cheap WordPress hosting service. As a matter of fact, it leads with a huge margin since the next most preferred CMS is Joomla with about 3% only. However, WordPress is famous for all the good reasons. After all, it is not only user-friendly but also meets all that you would be looking for in a high-quality website.

Nevertheless, without knowledge of a few strategies and the best cheap WordPress hosting service, you will find yourself looking for emergency solutions for unexpected issues. That’s why this article covers tips on making the optimization of your WordPress even better. Check them out!

Static Permalink Structure

Before diving into how you should do it, here is why. The default permalink often called URL is something like That is not optimized. Fortunately, you can change it to something like It is not only specific but also search engine optimized. All you have to do is visit Permalink Settings. After that, select the Post name.

Your Title and Header Tags Should Contain the Keywords

Every blogger must understand the importance of keywords when it comes to contact. However, it is not only about where you put it. One should place them strategically. The most suitable places are in the title and the header tags.

XML Sitemap

Eventually, Google will index your pages as well as posts. However, you can make the process fast and efficient with the use of an XML sitemap. Once you achieve that, finding new content posted on your site will be a piece of cake.

Google Search Console

Formally referred to as Google Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console offers warnings and notifications that are absolutely important. It ensures that you get to know if Google finds a problem during indexing, crawling or accessing your content. It also offers other analytics that can help improve your site’s traffic.

Length of the Content

Research shows that content with over 2000 words may not always hold waters. That’s because the quality of the content is the real deal-breaker. So ensure there is quality stuff written instead of fluff while building the best content marketing strategy.

WWW vs Plain

Have you ever been in a dilemma of or If yes, that is not necessary. Either choice will not affect your ranking. Nevertheless, you have to specify your choice not only in the Google Search Console but also the WordPress settings. Equally important, make sure that Google Search Console knows your primary domain within the Search Settings.

Go for HTTPS

That’s because of SSL (Secure Socket Layer). That’s for the protection of your visitor’s information. For instance, names, contacts and payment details. In addition to that, it is one of the officially considered ranking factors in search engines.

Optimized WordPress Site Speed

It is obvious that site speed affects the user experience of your visitors. It is also an SEO ranking factor and determines the rate of page abandonment. Tools, plugins, image optimization, browser caching, and enabling compression can help a great deal.


Both external and internal links play a huge role when it comes to SEO.

Yoast Plugin

This is a plugin that offers all the above features as one package. That includes XML sitemaps generation, content optimization, and addition of links to the RSS feed.

Last but not least, ensure that you are offering excellent content. Otherwise, none of the above options will work as per the expectations.

And, here’s more information on why blogging is important for your business:

Blogging isn’t something that everyone can do and those who may be in a position to write may lack the time or the zeal to do it. However, it is true that the results of blogging are worth the trouble. To support the argument, we will discuss a few reasons why you should consider going for blogging on your WordPress site.

Boosts the Eligibility of Ranking

How is a page eligible for ranking in the search results? As soon as the search query and the content on your site match. It also appears on the search results if you have a lot of unique word combinations. We don’t think of a better way of achieving that than having many blog posts. After all, it is hard to predict the keyword that the searcher will use. To increase the probability of having the keyword being searched, you need to blog a lot.


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